You are talking about Devouring Secret Realm? Fei Shengyu\’s eyes lit up.

All the children were blushing, but they still retreated.If you dare to do this… Lingxuanjian, who has always had a free and easy personality, suddenly drenched his eyes. He could naturally hear the confidence and provocation in the demon\’s inability to speak. Three years ago, the master of the demon god clan threatened his grandfather. He already knew it.On the day of the ancestral sacrifice, the demon god clan master brought his seventeen sons to the door, threatening to ask for the blood of the spirit god, if he didn’t give it, he would die at the Hundred Clan Conference. Although this sentence was not clear, it was already implied. Forcibly slapped the face of Lingshen.The events of the past years have been kept in mind by all the children, and they have been practicing desperately for the past three years in order to be ashamed of the Hundred Clan Conference.Unexpectedly, when the Hundred Clan Conference was approaching, the Demon God Race was provoking again, even the easy-going Spirit Profound Sword could not bear it, let alone the rest of the children, especially the straight-tempered fourth brother Ling Xuan Biao, trembling with anger. If it weren\’t for the rest of the people, they would have rushed to fight a fight.Shanghai looked at the seventeen demon gods indifferently. As a member of the spirit and god line, a raging flame rose in his heart at this moment.It\’s useless to say more, see you at the Hundred Clan Conference, I hope you can make it into the top 50, then maybe you still have a chance to fight with me. Yao couldn\’t say indifferently.Then you just wait. Ling Xuan Jian said solemnly, and the giant divine sword buzzed behind him.Little guys of the spirits and spirits, wash your necks.The sixth child demon Wuyan showed a hideous face, stretched out his hand on his neck and made a gesture of a crosshand sword. The other children of the demon god also raised the corners of their mouths, and their eyes revealed cruelty. In their eyes, the spirit of spirit is already on the cutting board. Meat, let them kill.This action made the children of Lingshen\’s line full of anger, and stared with red eyes.suddenly!From the second son to the seventeenth son, the sixteen people suddenly drank it, and the whole body burst out with a terrifying aura. These sixteen auras merged together, and fell down, directly condensing the spirits of the children. The momentum was crushed.Hum…Dozens of children turned pale and turned back. Even Ling Xuan Biao and others were shaken back three steps. They could still stand, but the only ones who did not move were the Ling Xuan Hao three, and Shanghai standing on one side. That\’s it.Haha… Sixteen laughed wildly.It\’s a joke that I can\’t stop even my momentum, and even attempt to participate in the Hundred Clan Conference.They are just going to gain insights, why do they have the same insights as them. The sixteen demon gods laughed repeatedly.The faces of the children of Lingshen\’s line were extremely ugly, each of them squeezed their fists and trembled, but they had nothing to refute. They were indeed far less powerful than the sixteen demon gods, but they did not expect the gap. It will be so big.The momentum exuded by nearly a hundred children was actually broken by the combined momentum of the sixteen children, which shows how big the gap between the two is.

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