A senior from the Four Nations Alliance passed by, and he also helped?

Shanghai also nodded in return.Although the direct line and the collateral line are the same children, there is still a certain difference in status. Regardless of age, as long as they are ranked, they are older than the collateral line.Unexpectedly, the third brother is also here.A slightly ridiculous voice came from not far away. I saw four men and one woman walking slowly. The men were heroic and handsome, while the women were quite beautiful. Although they did not exude the slightest momentum, this The arrival of the crowd caused the four collateral children to be stunned and subconsciously retreated to the side.Ling Xuan Ya… Ling Xuan Hao frowned, \”Where am I? It\’s up to you.\” His tone was a little impatient.Standing on the side in Shanghai, it was obvious that there was a sense of tension between the two of them looking at each other.Eighth brother, although this Ling Xuanya is a collateral child, but this person is not weak, not inferior to me, and he has been working hard all these years, I am afraid that his current strength has surpassed me by a little, otherwise it will not be the case. I have had some grievances with him. I will see him later. If I\’m not there, try not to conflict with him. Ling Xuanhao said in a voice transmission.Yeah! Shanghai nodded. There are too many people in the spirits and spirits. It is not surprising that some friction between children is normal.Facing Ling Xuanhao\’s impatience, Ling Xuanya smiled disapprovingly, \”This time the third brother is here, is it because he intends to attack the fifth level of my secret realm?\”What? Do you have an opinion?I don\’t have any opinion, but you stepped into the fourth floor before me in the past. I was unwilling to do it. Why don\’t we compare it to see who can stay on the fifth floor for a long time? Ling Xuanya laughed.Why should I compare with you?Don\’t you dare? Are you afraid?Haha… Lingxuanhao laughed, his face suddenly sinking, \”Lingxuanya, do you think the stimulus method is useful for me?\”Then I dare not. Ling Xuanya raised his eyebrows, his eyes were full of ridicule.Brother Xuan Ya, the third brother may be in poor condition today, just let it go.Yes! It\’s just one win or lose.The direct line is getting worse and worse, and it still occupies so many training resources. If it were used by Brother Xuanya, it might have already rushed through the fifth floor. The other three said repeatedly, speaking of the latter is already very straightforward. Mocked.Chapter 0789The direct line and the collateral line have always had many contradictions. After all, the direct line occupies more than 60% of the training resources, and the remaining 40% is the collateral line, and there are many collateral personnel. After these 40% of the training resources are shared, the children of the collateral line Even fewer can get it.

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