Although this guy is very hateful, but being able to help the members at critical moments is not much worse just because of his qualities. When she thinks of this guy\’s death, Ming Yuyan feels a little guilty and regretful in her heart, staring into the direction of the fluctuations and staring for a moment. , And then slowly retracted his gaze.

Venerable Sky Turner…Artifact…This sentence immediately caused all the patriarchs present to shudder, and even the face of the city lord Yuan Tianjue became unnatural, and the eyes of the two young men sitting in the city lord\’s position couldn\’t help flashing a trace of surprise.For those present, Venerable Fantian really surprised them, but it was far from the shock caused by the artifact.What is the artifact? That was used and held by the gods, even among the ancient gods, there were not many branches with divine tools.No wonder Yuanao would lose.The level of Venerable Fantian is not much inferior to Venerable Heavenly King, and it may even be a bit stronger. With an artifact, it is reasonable for Yuan Ao to be severely injured by a sneak attack. After all, the strength of such characters too strong.certainly!In the eyes of Semi-Holy Master, the level of Venerable Fantian is not enough, because the difference between the realms of the two is too large, even if the latter has more cards, it may not be the opponent of Semi-Holy Master.Original City Lord, my fifth brother and I are also very interested in this person. I wonder if we can go together? the older man said.Yuan Tianjue squeezed out a smile, and said, \”The two young masters want to go together, how can Yuan somebody not agree to it?\” He also knows that there are two young masters, so don\’t even want to obtain the artifact. But the other party will not treat him badly.Don\’t worry, the Lord of the Source City. Regarding the matter of Lord Ling, I will report to Grandpa, and maybe send someone to send some ancient medicines left over from the battlefield of the gods. There shouldn\’t be much problem in recovering Lord Ling from his injury. The elderly man Said slowly.Upon hearing this, Yuan Tianjue suddenly showed surprise on his face.The ancient medicine on the battlefield of gods is far from being comparable to the ordinary god medicine. It is said that some ancient medicines can even recover from the wounds of the gods. If the families of the two young masters are willing to give some, then Yuanao will be completely restored. Not hopeless.As for the artifact, it is not something that Yuantian Absolutely can expect. Holding this thing in his hand, even he is not sure that he can hold it safely. If it is known by the other branches of the ancient protoss, it may die because of it. Instead of this, it is better to take it. Come and do meritorious service.Then thank the three young masters first.After Yuan Tian Jue said with a smile of joy, he immediately remembered something, his face sank suddenly, \”It\’s not good, maybe that person has already left.\”Father don\’t worry, the child has already cast a secret spell on him when he is leaving. Even if this person notices it, he may not be able to solve it in a short time… Yuan Ao said. He has swallowed the top healing pill, and his injury has recovered a lot, and he is no longer as painful as before.The secret spell…Yuan Tianjue\’s eyes lit up, and he also understood this secret curse, but it was used as a sign of missing people.

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