Having done such a shameful thing and still being fascinated by men, this is a heinous crime. She really doesn\’t want to face it tomorrow. How can she hide from it? Thinking of this, she can\’t wait to make a few laments.

Li Siyu looked at the little red heart chain at her wrist and couldn\’t help looking at her carefully. Is it for girlfriends or sisters? Without much thought, she found a small pink heart chain for her. Xiao AI happily threw her five dollars and ran away. \”Hey?\” Li Siyu didn\’t understand what Xiao AI was doing, but she still had homework to finish. She had to hurry up to do her homework. On the other side, Xiao AI\’s Pink Heart bracelets ran out and came all the way to the woods. There was a man standing there in front. Xiao AI\’s face was slightly red and tried to calm down. Then he walked towards the man. \”You\’re coming.\” she clutched the bracelet in her hand, and then looked at the person in front of her calmly. Qin Chuan looked back at the beautiful Xiao AI and couldn\’t figure out her purpose for a moment. \”Classmate Xiao, what can I do for you?\” he looked at Xiao AI\’s cold face and couldn\’t help being a little timid. He has some knowledge about Xiao AI. He fights fiercely, learns well and has good family conditions. The most important thing is what Hu Zhibin often mentioned in his ear, as well as the meeting between the two people before. Xiao AI looked at him with a cold face. In fact, he was flustered in his heart. \”Put your hand out.\” Qin Chuan wondered, but seeing her seriousness, she had to put out her hand. Xiao AI put the things in his hand on his hand, and the two people\’s hands touched briefly. At this moment, the two people separated fiercely. Xiao AI\’s ears were red, and so was Qin Chuan. He looked at Xiao AI with evasive eyes, then lowered his head and looked at the things in his hand. \”This\” pink chain? Xiao AI cheered herself up, looked up at him directly, and put out the chain of her wrist to show him, \”I have one for you.\” the more she said, the redder her face became. Finally, she looked at Qin Chuan stubbornly, and the cold on her face could not be taken away. Qin Chuan looked down at the bracelet in his hand. Can he say this thing is not suitable for boys?

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