The maid in waiting beside has bright eyes. Is your majesty concerned about Miss Shen? I\’ll write it down and tell the Empress Dowager later.

Tang Hong looked at Li Siyu, who was as stable as Mount Tai and smiling, and his heart sank slightly. Sure enough, you can\’t look at your age. It\’s rare among your peers to be so calm. \”Director Tang, what can I do for you?\” Li Siyu smiled and looked at him. The man had been looking at her since she entered the house, and he didn\’t speak. He pretended to be a wolf with a big tail. Tang Hong smiled, looked at her and said, \”I heard you\’re Deputy Secretary Zhang\’s man? Does Deputy Secretary Zhang want the winery to move away?\” the man asked so frankly, which also made Li Siyu stunned for a moment, but then reacted. She smiled and waved her hand. \”Factory director Tang was joking. I was just an article appreciated by Deputy Secretary Zhang. And Deputy Secretary Zhang wanted you to move. I don\’t know. I really hope you can move. After all, this is my job.\” her words were ambiguous. She said that she wanted to study, but didn\’t admit it. She said that Deputy Secretary Zhang wanted the winery to move, She said she thought so. Tang Hong didn\’t know what Li Siyu meant for a moment, so he didn\’t dare to speak easily. No wonder Liu Yi let himself go. This little girl is really not simple. But what they really take into account is deputy secretary Zhang. Li Siyu didn\’t worry to speak first, but let Tang Hong think for himself. There\’s nothing wrong with her. It\’s good to sit here. Tang Hong didn\’t think for a long time, but smiled and said, \”we also want to move away. Didn\’t director Li know before?\” on the one hand, you have to give a letter? Who can look at you every day. Li Siyu smiled and didn\’t speak. Let him go on. Anyway, she didn\’t know anything. She had to listen to more news. Tang Hong sighed when he saw that she was so stable. Then he said, \”Secretary Qi has pressed our five-year relocation plan. Do you think I don\’t want to move? Deputy Secretary Zhang also knows this. Now Deputy Secretary Zhang wants to abdicate before Secretary Qi. Naturally, he wants a political achievement. You know it, and I know it.\” know a fart, know a fart. Li Siyu swears in his heart, but still smiles on his face. It\’s really powerful. The struggle between the two secretaries directly involves the following people. \”We didn\’t give less thank-you gifts. Secretary Qi really pushed it year by year. I think Secretary Qi must know about this newspaper.\” Tang Hong smiled and said tightly: \”I pressed the manuscript last time, but I just wanted to wait another two years. When Secretary Qi came down, we could move away.\” Li Siyu listened to it for most of the day, and it was one, two or three. Secretary Qi and Deputy Secretary Zhang don\’t deal with each other. Deputy Secretary Zhang wants the winery to move away, but Secretary Qi doesn\’t want to. While collecting the things given by the winery every year, on the other hand, he still doesn\’t give up the relocation place of others.

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