I thank you for your love. I really don\’t need Xia he\’s help.

But when she saw Peng lingman coming out of Li Siyu\’s room just now, she asked, \”do you know Secretary Peng?\” Li Siyu gave her a faint look, \”well, what\’s up?\” the woman\’s face changed when she heard that she knew Peng lingman, and said enthusiastically: \”Oh, I\’m Du shuangyun from the materials room. It\’s fate for us to live here. You can ask me if there\’s anything you don\’t know.\” Li Siyu: I don\’t want to ask. She has a standard smile on her face, \”OK, thank you.\” Li Siyu thanked her and nodded back to her room. She really didn\’t want to pay much attention to the Lord who stepped on high and held low. Du shuangyun didn\’t care about her indifference. Seeing that Li Siyu\’s clothes were good, it seemed that the family conditions would be good. Generally, it was normal for Li Siyu to be arrogant. Li Siyu didn\’t expect Du shuangyun to wash her white, but She won\’t care if she knows. This kind of person is fine and will please you. When you have something to do, she must be the one who speaks the most. The next morning, Li Siyu dressed neatly, put on his bag and went to the Secretary\’s room. It\’s just seven o\’clock now, there are few people inside, and they are still busy with their own affairs. Someone looked up at Li Siyu, she smiled and nodded, and the people nodded back Li Siyu sat opposite Secretary Qiu\’s desk and waited for him to come to work. There was no way, she didn\’t give her a position, and she didn\’t assign tasks. She had to wait like this. Fortunately, Secretary Qiu also came at 7:30. His official bags hurried. \”You\’re here.\” When he saw Li Siyu sitting there, he smiled and said hello. Li Siyu nodded, \”Secretary Qiu, I want to do something.\” Secretary Qiu sat at his desk, opened the drawer and turned out a document. \”Look at these manuscripts first, look at the writing method and this manuscript.\” he handed them to Li Siyu and found yesterday\’s newspaper. \”Write a manuscript about it,\” he pointed to one of the reports.

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