Li Feng immediately looked bitter and begged, Your Majesty, the servant is wrong. he has always hated these things most.

The woman started talking again. This time, Li Siyu calmed down. What about her? She looked up at the man at the table, a little familiar. \”No, we don\’t have a place here. You can go to another table.\” Li Siyu looked at her holding Wowotou and thought the man was going to eat. \”You!\” Xiao baoniang looked at Li Siyu with anger on her face. The little girl looks white. She can still take out hundreds of yuan to buy a house. Now she sells fine grain. Is she going to ruin any family? Li Siyu looked confused. \”Why? Do you still want our noodles? Buy them at the window.\” \”my family can\’t afford fine grain. If you are such a loser, the whole family will starve to death.\” Xiao baoniang looked at her cynically. Li Siyu asked with a question mark in his head, \”Why are you poor? You are reasonable? How do you manage so much? Are you a public security officer?\” xiaobaoniang was offended and couldn\’t speak. The workers who were eating at one side looked this way. Some people didn\’t think it was too big. \”Xiaobaoniang, if people want to eat noodles, you can buy them. The two workers won\’t be unable to eat noodles.\” \”just eat dumplings.\” \”see what others eat all day. What\’s wrong.\” xiaobaoniang naturally heard other people\’s comments, but didn\’t feel wrong at all. She only felt that everyone spoke to her because Li Siyu was a demon. \”Hum, who has such a person as you? It\’s really bad luck.\” Xiaobao\’s mother said reluctantly. As soon as Li Chengcai heard this, he was not happy. You say we eat white flour, then I can say you are jealous of us, but you say my sister-in-law?

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