Therefore, the people present knew that the beautiful girl in front of them, who had never seen before, was the master of the rumor a few days ago. The eldest lady, Shen Ling, who had just returned from the Zhongyi Hou family.

resentment? Fang Yang frowned and looked at him. He didn\’t understand what the man wanted to say. \”Maybe you forgot, but I can\’t forget you.\” the man smiled faintly, but there was no smile in his smile, but it was cold and dark. \”You, but you made a scene on my territory and released people I didn\’t want to see.\” hearing this sentence, Fang Yang\’s body shook and his eyes stared round. He vaguely understood this person\’s identity. \”He is Sima Xiangshan.\” at this time, a trembling voice came from his side, but Zhan Lingshui reluctantly said. Sima Xiangshan! Hearing these four words, Fang Yang only felt that something seemed to explode in his mind, and then his eyes glittered. It was him! When the man said these words earlier, Fang Yang had vaguely thought of his identity. Now Zhan Lingshui\’s words made him sure. The person in front of him is the master of Chunyang sect, who once sneaked into it and got the \”Chunyang Jue\”. He is known as Sima Xiangshan, the unique genius in the door! He is also Wen ruohuo\’s disciple. He suppressed Wen ruohuo in the sect for a long time. It is said that as early as five years ago, he had reached the peak of Tianyang state, only one step away from the half immortal state. Unexpectedly, he was already half immortal at this time! For a time, all kinds of thoughts flew, and Fang Yang vaguely recalled many things in his mind. Wen ruohuo\’s heart sank at the thought of Wen ruohuo\’s death. \”Hehe, it seems that you already know who I am.\” Sima Xiangshan took Fang Yang\’s expression in his eyes and smiled faintly. \”That\’s just right, so that if I kill you, you won\’t die in peace.\” \”kill me?\” Fang Yang turned back and looked at him, \”it depends on your ability.\” \”sure enough, he was arrogant.\” Sima Xiangshan didn\’t get angry, As if thinking of something, he picked his eyebrow and said, \”it\’s worthy of being the man Wen ruohuo is optimistic about. How is he? Is he still living now?\” Fang Yang\’s face sank and said nothing.

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