You\’re back, how\’s it going? Qian had already been waiting early, eager to see through, and finally the two came back.

\”Wind and fire vortex!\” hearing this sound, the eyes of the fire fan immediately brightened. Then, as if subconsciously, he stepped on his right foot and stepped heavily on the ground. At the same time, countless flames gushed up and down from his body in an instant. The arms of the fire fan suddenly pushed and aimed at the black dragon above his head. \”Death!\” Zhan Shengsheng looked at his actions and smiled coldly. Ququ\’s fire fan, he has never paid attention to it at all, but he is a small aborigine. Although it looks different on the surface, it is at most more angry. Under the pressure of his own black dragon, he is just like a mole ant. Kill you first, and then Fang Yang! At this point, Zhan\’s eyes shrouded in black light. As soon as his mouth opened, the dragon breath gushed. Above the head of the fire fan, black clouds filled the sky and covered the whole world. The black clouds gathered and came to press the city. Under such prestige, the fire fan was like a fallen leaf in the storm and could not turn over any wind and waves. But even in the face of such an attack, the fire fan didn\’t flinch at all. His eyes were bright and he just gushed out his anger. When Huoqi was about to touch the black cloud, a beautiful body suddenly sprang out. The wind danced with her black hair dancing like the wind. Her exquisite body was horizontal, and the wind and cloud rolled around her. It seemed to wrap herself in it. When the wind moved, she stood in front of the fire fan. Look at her posture, but she wants to resist the fire? There was a doubt in Zhan\’s eyes, but his attack was also more fierce. He was not a person who took pity on women. Those who dared to block in front of him would be killed together! But when he was full of confidence, there were sudden changes in front of him. The body shape of the wind dance was suddenly blurred and faintly changed into a breeze. When the wind came into contact with the fire, not only did it not have any resistance, but the fire burst out under the promotion of the fire. Boom! The red fire suddenly soared. If the previous flame was just like a candle, it is now a raging campfire! The flame, which was hundreds of times stronger, crashed into the black dragon breath. Once touched, it turned into a fierce spirit and burst. A huge sound resounded through the world.

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