He took a cold look at Li Feng.

Bang. With a dull sound, the golden armor general smashed more than ten pavilions one after another and raised a large amount of dust, which was the strength of his heavy blow. What\’s the matter? There\’s silence all around. Not only the Dragon chopping club and Jianghe mountain villa, but also the government soldiers and silver armor generals over there didn\’t expect such a scene to happen. The golden armor general with dragon power was beaten away by Shengsheng? Are they dazzled? This is a golden general! \”Bastard!!\” there was a sudden roar among the broken pavilions, and the body of the golden armor general swished out. The whole body was bright and the dragon power was powerful. You can see from his appearance at this time – he was really angry. He is a dignified general in gold armor. How high is his position in the Longyuan dynasty? He has never felt defeated. Today, he was beaten away by a thief boy? Spread out, how does he mix! At this point, he couldn\’t care about anything: \”I want you to die!\” he grabbed the golden dragon card with his right hand at his waist, and then ignored it and spent all his Xuanqi into the dragon card in his hand. Boom! The golden light suddenly flourished, and a dragon roar came out. I saw that there was a bright golden dragon galloping out on the golden dragon card. When the Golden Dragon appeared, the golden light was bright in the surrounding heaven and earth, and a terrible dragon power was emitted. All martial artists within the range of the dragon power were pale and frightened. The power of the golden dragon card has been brought into full play. The dragon power that can erupt at this time is extremely terrible. The Dragon shadow roared and rushed towards Fang Yang. Under the concussion of this dragon shadow, the ground under my feet was torn and the surrounding pavilions collapsed, just like the end. Xu Zhen\’s whole body was cold. Even Wang Shanming and Mrs. Lengyu, who had the highest cultivation, looked at the scene of the Golden Dragon shadow pressing down, and there was only a thick color of panic on their faces. I can\’t stop it!

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