Seeing this, Shen Xian thought she was afraid of herself and jealous of herself. I am very satisfied in my heart. Even if Shen Ling gets happy for a while, nothing has changed. However, she looked at Shen Ling\’s face, white as if shining, and a trace of jealousy flashed in her eyes.

Boom! After the first fight, the aftershock, the sudden darkness of heaven and earth, together with situ mu, a group of martial artists, were affected, their bodies trembled, a burst of startling voice came out, and many martial artists also retreated in panic. Immediately after that, the two clashed again. Each blow is the most direct collision of mysterious Qi. When it vibrates, it will be fed back to the two people. It seems that they are half weight on the surface, but in fact, under the bombardment, both of them are affected by the force of counterattack, flesh and blood trauma. After a while, they see the blood everywhere and the black blood flowing in their mouth and nose. One is to overdraw their own blood essence combat, the other is to use the forbidden art of great body loss. The situation of both men is not much better. After this war, they are bound to be unable to fight again. But now, there is no time to give them too much consideration. When we meet on a narrow road, the brave wins! In such a desperate battle, if anyone hesitates, he will inevitably lose and even die. Flesh and blood collided, but the real bloody play was performed in front of him. Seeing the scene of fighting so hard, situ Mu was trembling in his heart, but then he woke up and shouted: \”help Meng invincible!\” said, behind him was also the Dharma phase. The petals on the peach and plum branches danced and wound around Meng invincible one after another. Although situ Mu is not a user of mysterious Qi of wood attribute, he can also alleviate the injury by relying on the particularity of his own Dharma phase. The invincible flesh and blood nourished by the fluttering of petals greatly alleviates the trauma on his body surface. Because they are overdrawing their own battle, they can\’t last too long in such a roaring sound. Under the spell, there is no time for a cup of tea, and their strength tends to decline. Feeling this, they both made up their minds at the same time. End the war! \”Thousands of troops and horses! Invincible in the world!\” Meng Wudi drank. For a moment, his whole body was shining with gold. The gold armor general behind him shone to the extreme and seemed to burst at any time. With the help of the Dharma phase and gathering all the remaining forces in his body, he was cut off by an invincible attacker. The black light of the hand knife is diffuse, and it is wrapped with a trace of golden light. It is just fierce and overbearing. When it is cut out, the space in front of it is suddenly torn and the black clouds roll. This knife inherits the strong and fierce power of the evil sword Xing Tian. The light shines and covers it instantaneously. The real body of the killing behind Tiesheng in front burst, and the gathered true meaning of the killing immediately absorbed him in front of him. The killing intention was swirling, the strength was floating, and a fist was thrown.

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