Qian returned with a polite smile.

The blood devil raised his eyebrows and was surprised to see Fang Yang\’s body: \”I have long felt that the blood in your boy is the most vigorous, and the power of spirit and flesh is so strong. After eating Jiang bieshu\’s previous full blow, you still have the power to stand up. But so what, do you still have the power to resist?\” He snorted coldly, and his blood gas wound around Fang Yang first. Kuishan and sun rukong were surprised and wanted to stand up to resist, but they were hurt the most. At this time, they didn\’t even have the strength to stand up. How can they help Shang Fang Yang? Dang. His blood gas was entangled, and the blood devil hadn\’t made any force yet. A sharp cut off, and his blood gas was directly cut into several sections. Fang Yang\’s hand Holding the nine palace sword, he slowly raised his head. When the blood devil saw Fang Yang\’s face clearly, his face was suddenly defecated, his body was in shape, and he subconsciously retreated a few steps. Fang Yang\’s face was as white as snow, almost transparent, and there was no face at all. At the center of his eyebrows, he didn\’t know when he would open his eyes again. Long Wei diffused, and the icy smell came out, staring straight at him On the body of the blood devil, even if he had just accepted Jiang bieshu\’s vigorous body, he was cold all over when he saw these eyes. He just felt that just being stared at, there was a great fear in his heart. \”How can you use the dragon\’s eyes?\” The blood devil\’s tone was startled. The dragon eye pupil was an excellent secret treasure, and its power was unpredictable after use. However, it was also a great burden on the martial arts. Only a person with such physique and spirit as Fang Yang could use it reluctantly. However, it was difficult to use it for the second time without good cultivation for half a month. Three days ago, when they stormed the garrison, Fang Yang clearly had just arrived It\’s only been used once. It\’s only three days. It\’s absolutely impossible to completely recover. When Fang Yang uses it at this time, it\’s equivalent to overdrawing himself and dying slowly. Fang Yang is really overdrawing himself. He uses the dragon eye pupil to open his eyes. He is very strong for his flesh and soul. He can clearly feel the rapid flow of his own mysterious Qi. But even so, it\’s impossible Fang Yang didn\’t work hard. Under such circumstances, if there was any hesitation, none of the three of them could survive! Thinking of this, Fang Yang didn\’t care about the loss. At least he had to push back the blood devil first. \”You just said you wanted to kill us?\” Fang Yang\’s voice trembled. Even when he spoke, he seemed to have exhausted all his strength. As soon as the nine palace sword was closed, another blade appeared between his palms. The stone sword was simple, and there seemed to be a faint blue light flowing on the stone blade. The blood demon looked at the blade, and a cold hair stood up: \”nine waste stone xuanbing He bowed and looked at Fang Yang like a great enemy. He never thought that Fang Yang had so many means in his hands. It was amazing that there was a refined dragon eye pupil. At this time, there was a xuanbing refined from nine waste stones.

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