But the brothers have daughters in law, and some have children. The family is crowded in a single room of less than 30 square meters. They can hear it when they turn over at night.

Huang meizuhai stared round and looked carefully at Fang Yang: \”where did this boy come from? Lao Li, have you seen him?\” he knew that the drunkard in front of him had extraordinary means, but he could recognize the person on the Dragon list at a glance, so he asked hurriedly. The man with a silk scarf shook his head: \”I don\’t know.\” \”I don\’t know, that means\” Not on the Dragon list? Huang Mei was surprised. It was impossible for anyone to escape the promotion of the divine calculation group. Since he had such strength and was not on the Dragon list, there was only one possibility. The newcomer who had entered the nether passage for less than three years! The Lun Jin Man joked: \”It seems that the words just said will come true. Don\’t you still say there are no new people? Here comes a big one. I think your 101 will become 102.\” Huang Mei glared: \”fart, I\’m not sure. Although this boy has some means, who knows his strength? I can\’t kill Sheshan with the previous move.\” The Lun Jin man shook his head. He seemed to see something, but he didn\’t mean to say more. Anyway, it was about time for the release of the Dragon list. As soon as the idea came out, he saw the originally empty sky. Suddenly, the brilliance flashed and the bright golden awn floated out. The originally dark sky in the nether passage was immediately bright like day! The list was opened ! Chapter 528 the vision of the enemy coming into the air also woke up the frightened people in an instant. For a moment, everyone looked happy when they saw it in the air. \”Open the list! The divine calculation group has opened the list!\” \”come on, look at the ranking on the Dragon list.\” \”I\’ve been fighting for three years, and there should be my name in the 500 ranks.\” \”I don\’t know how the ranking of the top 100 will change.\” when they were excited and shouting, they looked in the air.

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