What? Hao Jianhong asked for two yuan interest. Why not rob it.

\”Hahaha, I didn\’t expect that we were so lucky that we could meet a dying demon as soon as we came in. This action was really easy.\” a burst of cheering screams came from behind. Then the water and grass were removed, and the people of Chaimu palace slowly approached from a distance in a water boat. Fang Yang\’s eyebrows and eyes were cold and looked at several people. The goal of the previous green awn was clearly aimed at his head. It was obviously intended to kill first and then rob the big demon. People from Chaimu palace? His eyes swept over this group of people, and finally fixed on Jia song who was standing first. This person has the strongest cultivation and has the level of the later stage of the early Yang state. He is obviously the head of this group of people. While Fang Yang\’s eyes looked at Jia song, his eyes also looked at Fang Yang coldly. After a while of looking at and scanning, he picked up the corner of his mouth and showed a touch of sarcasm, which seemed to ridicule Fang Yang\’s bad luck. Seeing this group of people go straight to the side of the Spinosaurus, Fang Yang\’s face sank and said coldly. \”What are you doing? This Spinosaurus is my thing. Do you want to grab it?\” when Fang Yang asked, the water boat over there looked at him, and then shouted. \”Hairy boy, what are you talking about? This Spinosaurus was clearly killed by our Chaimu palace. Are you blind?\” \”in the early Yang state, go away quickly, annoy me and tear you up one by one.\” \”little doll, hot blood is not a good thing. We are people of Chaimu Palace.\” \”hum, a lucky boy, dare to rob things from our Chaimu palace?\” Chapter 442 trying to rob prey? People in Chaimu palace had already noticed the sound from a long distance. Originally, when they were feeling the flow of violent Xuanqi, their complexion was also extremely ugly. They thought that some team liked the goal of their trip and wanted to hunt this Spinosaurus. After all, many teams hunt big demons, not just for tasks. It\’s normal to encounter materials that want to collect big demons temporarily. The thorn of the Spinosaurus was very important to Jia song. He naturally refused to let go, so he chased in without giving up. They were all ready to fight, but they didn\’t want to stay between the swamps where the Spinosaurus fell to the ground, but they only found Fang Yang. Is that the boy? Defeated the Spinosaurus alone? At this time, people also looked strange, but then they were relaxed. If there was only one person, it would be very easy. If there are many people on the other side, it\’s still troublesome to have a conflict, but it\’s just a warrior in the early Yang state. What\’s it even if you have some means to hit this Spinosaurus beast? This is the jurisdiction of their green wood city. Who sees that the people in Chaimu palace don\’t put up their temper immediately?

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