Li Siyu is quite helpless. What can I do.

Chapter 373 kiss a mouthful of water, and a smile appears on qianrou\’s cold cheek, as if it were beautiful and beautiful. Wang Changhe stands in front of her and sees shuiqianrou\’s smile on his side face. He immediately sees a burst of infatuation and heartbeats. He wants to get the woman\’s mind, but then when he sees shuiqianrou smiling at the person, his face suddenly sinks and becomes bright Rage. It\’s a man! Wang Changhe grew up in doting and caring. Due to his status and talent aura, few people dare to disobey him, and there are only few who dare to rob things with him! When he sees the softness of water, he will regard each other as his own forbidden land. He feels that no man in the whole world can do anything except himself Worthy of her. So when Shui qianrou was cold to herself, Wang Changhe was not angry, but thought she was so to everyone. But now Shui qianrou not only smiled, but also to another man! The murderous move on his face, Sen coldly saw Fang Yang\’s body. Fang Yang also noticed his eyes, raised his eyebrows and glanced at him, secretly saying that this aristocratic family was really nothing Good thing. He simply didn\’t bother to answer. He went to shuiqianrou\’s side and said with a smile, \”are you waiting here?\” shuiqianrou nodded slightly. Then he seemed to feel that he didn\’t speak too cold and his voice was ethereal \”huh\” She stood next to Fang Yang, and then seemed to find something. The silver white pupil suddenly sent out a happy light, firmly fixed in Fang Yang\’s arms. The little red bird looked sleepy and put its head out of Fang Yang\’s arms. Fang Yang looked at her expression, but it was also a burst of laughter and laughter. It seems that no matter how cold a woman is, right Yu has no resistance to the lovely things. So he reaches out his fingers and hooks the little red bird into Shui qianrou\’s hands. Shui qianrou\’s white hands tremble slightly, holding the little red bird with a cautious look. The look on his cheeks is extremely happy. The little red bird starts to leave Fang Yang\’s side and struggles for a while. After Fang Yang severely presses his head twice, he is unwilling to please Willing to shrink into the hands of water qianrou. Seeing that they were like no one else, Wang Changhe couldn\’t see it anymore. He snorted coldly: \”It\’s just a little bird. It looks like an ordinary bird without any mysterious Qi. Brother, you\’re too perfunctory! Girl, if you like, I can catch the big demon offspring immediately. It\’s definitely above the early Yang state. How about it?\” After listening to Wang Changhe\’s courteous, Fang Yang looks at him like an idiot. He wants to find a bird more powerful than Xiao Hong. Have a dream. Shui qianrou simply doesn\’t listen to his words and ignores them. Wang Changhe\’s green and white. He can\’t start with Shui qianrou. When he turns his eyes and sees Fang Yang, he proudly says: \”Wang Changhe, the son of xiashenhe, who are you?\” Fang Yang glanced, \”why should I tell you.\” \”I\’m wang Changhe?! the son of the Lord of Shenhe mansion!\” Wang Changhe said angrily. \”Oh.\” Fang Yang responded, and there was no following. Wang Changhe waited for a sound. He saw that Fang Yang didn\’t mean to report to his family. His eyes were dark and vicious, and there was a strong intention of killing. At this time, someone beside him recognized Fang Yang\’s identity and whispered a few words in Wang Changhe\’s ear. Wang Changhe\’s eyes coagulated, and then sneered: \”So you\’re Fang Yang, who was angry and resentful that day. No wonder you don\’t even dare to report to yourself. Are you afraid that others will come to you? Don\’t worry, I\’m not interested in the 200 million yuan of your head.\” His arrogant and complacent look completely thought that Fang Yang was afraid of himself and that he would catch and kill him after he knew his name. He laughed again and again immediately, but also showed his rich side and wanted to attract the attention of shuiqianrou.

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