During this period of time, Li Siyu always wanted to buy a house, but she didn\’t have enough money. Now the house is tight and can\’t be bought at all.

The wind smiled bitterly: \”How can it be so fast? My own dark Qi is a cold wind attribute, which is somewhat opposite to pure Yang. Fortunately, the pure Yang attribute is not as obvious as the five elements attribute, but it is difficult to get started. Once I get started successfully, my cold wind dark Qi and pure Yang dark Qi will be integrated with each other, and I\’m afraid my power will be even more powerful. I\’m going to go back to Feng\’s house with Xiao Jiu first. After all, we two have our hands With pure Yang Bodhi, it will be more effective if you refine it and then practice pure Yang Xuanqi. \”Fang Yang nodded,\” when will you go? \”\” tomorrow, it will take about a month to come back. During this time, you will stay here alone. \”Feng Wuji smiled. Fang Yang turned his white eyes and said,\” I came alone. \” \”You should be more careful when you stay in Chunyang sect. I\’m afraid someone will plot against you.\” Feng Wuji suddenly thought of something. He frowned and said in a deep voice. \”Plot against you? Don\’t you allow private fights in Chunyang sect?\” \”there are disputes where there are people? It\’s good for you to get Chunyang Bodhi, but it\’s bad in the eyes of others.\” Feng Wuji\’s face is serious, \”Because I took out the object of Chunyang Bodhi, this matter has quickly spread in Chunyang Zhenzong. Before you came, several people came to me, and even some elders wanted me to bid for the Chunyang Bodhi.\” hearing this, Fang Yang sneered: \”well thought, how can Chunyang Bodhi say to buy it.\” \”Yes, so that\’s why I hurried back to Feng\’s house. At least I have the identity of Feng\’s family, and they don\’t dare to make too many mistakes, but I\’m afraid someone will make Yin moves. As long as I swallow Chunyang Bodhi and come back, my cultivation will increase sharply and almost enough to enter chuyang, then no one will dare to do anything.\” Feng Wuji said. Fang Yang nodded, \”I see.\” \”Hey, but I\’m a little redundant. You must know more than I do.\” Feng Wuji smiled again, \”by the way, what are you doing suddenly now? You don\’t miss me.\” Fang Yang laughed and laughed: \”explore the terrain to facilitate the later actions.\” \”do you want to steal the later actions \”Pure Yang Jue\”? \”His voice dropped. Fang Yang smiled and said,\” just borrow it. \”\” Feng traceless and speechless. Fang Yang asked, \”have you heard the name of Mohe?\” \”Mohe?\” Feng traceless suddenly stood up, \”have you seen Mohe?\” \”yes, you do. Do you know him? Who is he?\” Fang Yang asked. \”Haven\’t you heard?\” Feng Wuji looked at him strangely. \”No, otherwise I wouldn\’t ask you. He seems to see my identity and know that the mysterious Qi in my body is not converted from pure Yang Bodhi.\”

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