The man nodded, yes. he took out a cloth bag and ten yuan and handed it to Li Siyu.

How could this be? He has used pure Yang Xuanqi to refine it for so long, not to mention adding his own soul power. He can\’t even go deep into the interior of Jiaolong golden scissors. The two half Python and half dragon\’s virtual shadow resistance was very strong, and Fang Yang\’s pure Yang and Xuan Qi were resisted. \”Is my strength too low? Because this is a spiritual xuanbing?\” Fang Yang thought about it and could only think of such a reason. After all, it\’s rare to see such spiritual xuanbing as Jiaolong Jinjian. It\’s understandable that Fang Yang can\’t be fully refined. He sat still on his knees in this site again. After refining for half a day, he still failed to achieve any results. Fang Yangda is depressed. He finally got such a treasure. Now he even told him that he couldn\’t use it well. \”It\’s really a loss.\” he smiled bitterly. He didn\’t waste time anymore. He directly sealed the Jiaolong gold scissors with his own Xuanqi and placed it in the ring. \”It should be that my refining method is wrong. Wait until you leave here and return to Jianhe mansion, ask Duan Ling about the old ghost.\” how can Duan Ling say that he is also a martial artist in chuyang territory, and he must know more than Fang Yang. Maybe he will know the refining method of xuanbing. So Fang Yang got up and put away all the array plates, so he finally had the intention to look at this corridor. After entering the stone gate, there is still a corridor in front of me, but it is obviously much wider than the previous corridor, and the murals on both sides are becoming more and more exquisite. The inner alchemy of the fire demon on both sides of the whole corridor lights up, so that the vision is no problem. The power of Fang Yang\’s soul swept in front. After he was sure that there was no danger, he walked towards the deep corridor. I don\’t know where the group of experts in the major forces are. Chapter 253: draw water, Xuanti, tap, tap. Fang Yang\’s footsteps echoed alone in the corridor. He walked out cautiously for a long time. Suddenly, there was an empty space ahead, and he stepped in. There was silence in the spacious hall, surrounded by several passages, which were much larger than those seen outside. There is mysterious Qi flowing everywhere. It is obviously not a dead end, but I don\’t know where it will lead. In the center stands a statue of a beast. The beast statue is lifelike. It looks like a half man and half lion. It sits on the stone platform with four claws side by side. \”What is this place?\”

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