Li Siyu was absent-minded all afternoon. He focused on Hao Jianhong and found that she always looked at her from time to time.

As soon as Qin Chuan\’s body shape was mentioned, the dark Qi of the wind attribute quickly protected his whole body. Then the light in his palm flashed and took out a blue glazed lamp. This is the xuanbing given by Fang Yang to Qinchuan. It\’s called sacred wind glass cover. This mysterious weapon is very good. With the mysterious Qi of Qinchuan\’s own wind attribute, it can derive a tornado from it. It is powerful. The sacred wind glass cover was in his hand, and the dark air was surging all over Qinchuan. In the exquisite glass cover, a green dark air galloped around. A moment later, it turned into a strong wind and pushed it out. The strongly weathered Python collided with Ling Chen. Ling Chen was in the middle of the air. When she saw Qin Chuan\’s hand, she looked ferocious: \”dare to stop me and die!\” there was a flash of light in his palm, and a sword blade with strong dark gas fluctuation clenched tightly. The sword blade in Lingchen\’s hand was horizontal, and the sword Qi soared in the air, turning into a hundred feet \’awn, which came in a flash. Boom! The strong wind collided with the sword, and the afterwaves spread in the air. When the two fought, the pavilions on both sides of the street collapsed and roared, and there was smoke and dust. The people who had been watching here also retreated in panic. With one sword, Ling Chen didn\’t take advantage of anything. \”Hmm? It seems that you have more good things in your hand.\” Ling Chen\’s eyes narrowed slightly, and her face was gloomy. He clearly remembered that his sword was cut out that day, which was enough to cut the old guy Qinchuan half dead. He had planned to learn another sword like this, but he didn\’t achieve the result he wanted. \”Ling Chen, do you still want to use the power of xuanbing to press me? It\’s not enough now!\” Qin Chuan blocked Ling Chen\’s sword and greatly increased his confidence. When he didn\’t fight with Ling Chen, Qin Chuan still had some weakness in his heart. At this time, he fought once, and his war intention increased greatly. Revenge! \”Wind dances cloud roll!\” Qin Chuan burst into a drink. The mysterious Qi of wind attribute hovered between his hands. A moment later, two cyan tornadoes were condensed. The tornado roared and was slapped out by Qin Chuan one after another. The two tornadoes increased rapidly, such as the power of shaking the mountain quickly bombarded Ling Chen in front. The Xuanqi concussed in the way, and the surrounding houses completely collapsed in the violent wind. \”How can this old fellow become so strong?\” Ling Chen was surprised. Now Qin Chuan was killed by his sword. Even if he didn\’t die, he should be seriously hurt. His accomplishments have been greatly reduced. How come his strength is stronger than ever after a few months?? You know, during this period of time, with the development of Huoyu County, Ling Chen also took many special pills. Her cultivation was greatly enhanced, but she was still shocked by Qinchuan\’s attack. \”Ziyang eight regions!\” when she turned her mind, Ling Chen clenched her teeth and used her unique skill of pressing the bottom of the box.

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