Why are you looking for wires? Qian Yuezhen looked at him suspiciously, nothing to find wires?

Meng Qian Xuehu looked at him suspiciously, and finally nodded. Along the way, he also saw Fang Yang\’s means. It was amazing that Fang Yang had any means at this moment. Therefore, she didn\’t waste time. A dark blue air moved and crossed over to the spell in her hand. I saw the blue light flashing on the spell, The complicated wind patterns also flowed quickly. Fang Yang\’s eyes brightened, and he only felt a mysterious breath shaking around them. The originally calm space had a faint feeling of rupture. Chapter 147 escape from life \”no, it\’s strange! What are they doing!\” Some of the people who were hanging far away noticed the mysterious Qi fluctuation here and immediately shouted loudly. So a personal shadow approached here quickly. When poison old saw the scene filled with green light, his face changed: \”it\’s a small moving sign! Shit, this boy still has this kind of thing in his hand. Stop him! Can\’t let him leave!\” It was not easy to find the trace of the boy. He saw that Tianmai pill was right in front of him. How could he bear Fang Yang to leave. While talking, the poison old man also moved his hands and came face to face with a dark green poisonous fog. Several people knew that the effect of the small move sign was also a cry of anger and shot one after another. For a moment, the light was all over the sky and directly shrouded Fang Yang and them. Fang Yang\’s mind moved and he didn\’t care to keep his hand. He also urged a green cloud falling knife tightly held in his hand. With a flash of green light, the short knife in his hand immediately disappeared and suddenly appeared in mid air. Fang Yang\’s throwing of this knife was also extremely purposeful and directed at Xu Wei in the crowd! Xu Wei still had Fang Yang\’s blood on his body. Only by killing him can he be the greatest Save his life to a certain extent. After all, there is another charm in their hands besides the one used by Yu Huang! Although killing Xu Wei can\’t be a fundamental obstruction, it\’s enough to delay for a long time. Xu Wei was most worried in the crowd. If Fang Yang left, it would be the worst news for him. He can see this son now Talent, the hatred between the two people is irreparable. How can he live if he breaks through again when he finds it next time? Therefore, when poison old shot, he was also the most ferocious one. His knife was sharp and his moves were full of killing opportunities. It\’s best to kill him directly under the Siege of everyone! But unexpectedly, when he was proud, A familiar green light surged in front of him. When he saw the green light, Xu Wei\’s heart jumped and his face changed greatly. Li Huoyang just died for no reason! What is Li Huoyang\’s identity? Although they are both the leaders of the second-class sect, the background behind Li Huoyang is the pure Yang true sect of the first-class sect! Li Huoyang is a figure in the later stage of the empty and dark world. Even he can\’t understand him It was the end of a knife being killed by seconds, not to mention himself. His face changed rapidly and he ran in a panic. His dark Qi resisted him, but the biyunxiao falling knife cut the flesh and ignored all the dark Qi. The light of the knife flickered and protected the gang directly through the solid dark Qi, and the knife awn fell on his head.

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