Without firewood, cooking and heating are all difficult problems.

\”Ah!!!\” lying on the ground, even though his body is very weak, Wu fan is still struggling. The pain has made him struggle instinctively. However, when he turns over his body, the original injuries on his body also start to make trouble. Of course, those pain are nothing in front of the heart fire of the nine palaces, which can be completely ignored. As for the turtle back in Wu fan\’s hand, it fell directly to the ground and returned to the previous look of no luster. \”You are a good treasure. It seems that even the experts at the peak of the concentration period can threaten. I think if Teng shuize didn\’t summon the soul expert, you should keep it against Teng shuize? There are a lot of treasures on the monks in the middle of the concentration level. Don\’t worry, I will accept your space ring after you die.\” Looking at Wu fan rolling all over the ground with an expressionless face, Fang Yang said faintly. With that, Fang Yang\’s eyes flashed, and he was ready to let the heart fire of the nine palaces catalyze to the limit and burn Wu fan into ashes! The power of Jiugong heart fire is infinite. It starts from the inside of people\’s body. Naturally, it is impossible to prevent it. Of course, it is difficult for Jiugong heart fire to be implanted into people\’s body. If Wu fan hadn\’t taken Fangyang\’s liquid this time, Fangyang wouldn\’t be able to implant it into an expert in the period of concentration. \”No!\” at this time, Huolan suddenly shouted anxiously. He could see that Fang Yang had killed Wu fan. Fang Yang ignored Huolan at all. He knew that the soul sea in the sea had begun to brew \”little brother, if you are willing to leave Angkor alive, I am willing to tell you the whereabouts of the mysterious world!\” suddenly Huolan shouted. Hearing this, Fang Yang\’s body trembled. The originally tumbling soul ocean suddenly stopped, turned around and took a deep look at the fire orchid, with a fine awn flowing in his eyes. Fang Yang stopped controlling the anger of the nine palaces, and Wu fan\’s pain naturally stopped. However, because of the severe pain, even the monks in the period of concentration could not bear it at all, so Wu fan just fainted. Wu fan fainted and immediately startled Huolan. \”He\’s all right. Don\’t worry. I didn\’t kill him. I just fainted.\” Fang Yang said faintly. \”Hoo.\” a long breath, Huolan was relieved. \”What did you say about the mysterious world?\” Fang Yang said faintly when he raised his eyebrows. At this time, Fang Yang obviously had a trace of heart. Xuanjie! It can only be created when the strength reaches the power of the early Yang state. It is said that when the Longyuan Dynasty has not eliminated the zongmen power, the zongmen power was very prosperous in the territory of the Longyuan Dynasty. It can be said that there were hundreds of schools, but it was finally eliminated by the Longyuan Dynasty one by one by means of iron and blood. During this period, the Longyuan Dynasty does not know how many strong people fell, Even some legendary strongmen fell one by one. Because of the fall of these strong men, their metaphysical world has remained. For countless years, it has become what all monks of the Longyuan Dynasty have dreamed of. There may be nothing in the mysterious world, but there may be all the wealth of a strong man! Although the probability is small, it is enough to cause the madness of countless people. However, the mysterious world has always been very hidden. Since the founding of King Longyuan, although many monks have found the existence of the mysterious world, the average proportion is very small compared with the long years.

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