Li Siyu said with a smile, how can it be that there are many people to be lively.

He was very tired, but he couldn\’t sleep. He couldn\’t sleep at all. He tried his best to sit up straight and warned himself not to be greedy for temporary comfort, otherwise he would be destroyed. Chapter 653 mind demons (I) Qi Jiehan\’s consciousness was a little chaotic, and his eyes were covered. The voice warning him gradually decreased and became sparse. He felt as if he had forgotten something and wanted to look for it, but there was chaos in front of him. He was a little afraid and helpless. He didn\’t know what to do. At this time, a gentle, kind and familiar voice sounded: \”star, star, what\’s the matter with you?\” Hearing this sound, he suddenly widened his eyes. How could he return to the place where he grew up? He is lying on the stone table and awakened by his mother\’s gentle call. \”Look, xing\’er, you are a little man. How can you shed tears! How can you protect your mother when you grow up?\” Qi Jiexing looked at the beautiful woman who was gently wiping away his tears with a handkerchief. \”Niang\” Qi Jiexing trembled and whispered the title he didn\’t seem to have called for a long time. \”Silly boy, it\’s not a big deal if you can\’t practice. There are hundreds of millions of people in the world who can\’t practice. Can\’t they live happily? Besides, you can\’t practice. We just haven\’t found the right way. I believe parents will find you the right way to practice. Our stars are talented and will be favored by heaven. Don\’t worry Worry, everything has parents! You should cheer up and have more confidence in your parents and yourself, right? \”Mei Yulian\’s soft and holy face soon calmed down Han Xing, gently snuggled in her mother\’s arms and absorbed the warm and reassuring breath in her mother\’s arms. I don\’t know when the very uncomfortable breath appeared. He put his head out of his mother\’s arms, but saw the woman he hated. He didn\’t know why he didn\’t like her. Even the two boys she had at hand didn\’t like them. Although the two boys looked like pink and jade, he just didn\’t like them. Hate eyes looked at the woman, but heard a voice that made him more unhappy. \”I said, sister, look at Xinger. What\’s his look at me? I don\’t mean you. Although you are a sister, your son\’s education is not very good! Anyway, I\’m also his elder. Look at the look he looks at me, how can he have a little respect? It\’s just that he can\’t practice. He\’s a waste, but he occupies so many resources Son who can\’t cultivate a little evil spirit, I really don\’t know what you protect him? If I say ah! I should send him into the secular world and let him be a rich man all his life. It\’s good to eat and drink all his life! Why do you keep looking for this elixir for him? It\’s a waste of brother Xunyuan\’s good time to find the test of that skill. I have that time to teach shu\’er and kang\’erdo \”OK?\” Liu Peirong\’s sour voice made Qi Jiexing\’s small face. Full of anger, he wanted to break away from his mother\’s arms and jump on the hateful woman. But his mother held him tight and wouldn\’t let him go. \”Mom, you let go of me, you let go of me, I\’ll kill this hateful woman.\” Qi Jiexing was like an angry little tiger, earning wildly, but he couldn\’t get his mother\’s hand anyway. \”Sister, look, look, how uneducated! I treat my elders like this. Well, I don\’t have the same experience as you, a wild child. I\’m going to lead the two children into the door to practice secretly. There\’s a strong evil spirit. Unfortunately, some people can\’t enjoy it at all. They can only be a mole ant with a life of a hundred years.\” Liu Peirong glanced disdainfully and sat there, Holding his son tightly, his face was as heavy as water, and then he twisted out. \”Niang, why did you hold me? That smelly woman is so hateful. Niang, it\’s Xinger who dragged you down. It\’s Xinger\’s useless. You\’re wronged. Niang, Xinger is sorry for you. It\’s Xinger.\” \”Xing\’er, don\’t say it. It has nothing to do with you. It\’s a matter between adults. You don\’t understand. Well, it\’s late. My mother will send you back to your room to sleep and have a sleep. When it\’s dawn, everything will be all right. Be good and obedient.\” Mei Yulian comforted Qi Jiexing in a soft voice. In a flash, the scene changed again. His two younger brothers were practicing. Qi Jieshu was only a six-year-old child, and Qi Jiekang was only four years old, but the words spoken by the two young children were extremely vicious. \”I don\’t have a waste brother like you. You\’re just a waste man who can\’t practice. My mother said that your life is only a hundred years at most, and then you will die. So you\’re a humble mole ant. Why do you want to be loved by your father? Hum! Waste\” \”We can cultivate and absorb evil Qi, but you can\’t. My mother said that you don\’t deserve the love of your father.\” qijiekang Tuan\’s lovely face, naive big eyes and words can\’t be loved anyway. \”Don\’t say it yet, dad is coming.\” qijieshu heard the servant\’s report and hurriedly stopped his mouth and whispered to his brother. The two men immediately changed their faces. \”Brother, I can teach you the skills I learn. It doesn\’t matter. If I learn it again, I won\’t learn it twice, and I will always succeed.\” this is qijieshu\’s words.

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