A few young girls turned their heads in chagrin.

Well, yes! Unfortunately, an unprecedented disaster happened there, leaving only 100 million of the original population of more than 6 billion. Those advanced weapons were destroyed. I had no interest in those things before, so I didn\’t collect them. I can\’t let you see the wisdom of ordinary people. Therefore, no matter how high my accomplishments are, don\’t underestimate ordinary people, he said They can produce the most useful modern scientific and technological products for them at the least cost. They have no accomplishments, but they can fly into the sky. They can use the tools they make to run ten times faster than themselves. They don\’t pass notes, but they have advanced communication satellites, so that everyone in the world can communicate with each other on the premise that they are right Fang\’s contact information, regardless of distance. They have no divine sense, but they have countless artificial eyes, which are installed in the streets and lanes to monitor and guard their cities. They Jane Xi slowly tells about the scientific and technological world on earth. Although she doesn\’t know whether the earth is the most developed scientific and technological planet, there are many things that only monks can do, They can all do it. \”Human beings, no matter what their force value is, what is more worthy of respect is their wisdom. If ordinary people have the long life of monks, the value they can create will be more and greater. They can fly to the moon with their machines. They can observe other planets separated by unknown tens of thousands of light-years through astronomical horizons But they are ordinary people who can only live for decades. The value they create is much more than they don\’t know. We call them \”scientists\”. I really respect and admire them. They have brought mankind to a more brilliant civilized world. Although there are small-scale wars in our country, most countries are a world of legal system , people can\’t kill or provoke war at will. Otherwise, there will be corresponding institutions to punish such people. There, we just need to make our life better, more comfortable and more comfortable as far as possible. Unlike here, we have to improve our strength all the time. We are afraid that we will be killed by the same kind and swallowed by monsters in the next moment. There are advantages there, but there is no cultivation environment here. There is almost no spiritual Qi there. Before we came here, there were basically no monks above the golden elixir period, because the spiritual Qi there can not supply the spiritual Qi needed by a person during the golden elixir period, and there are no people who can refine the golden elixir. The resources there are scarce, even if there are amazing You can\’t make yourself further possible. You can only wait for the exhaustion of Shouyuan and die. \” Jane Xi talked about everything on her planet like a dream. Han Xing was there listening quietly without interrupting her. She just imagined everything about her hometown in her mouth. He could see that she missed her hometown. She had no sense of belonging to the planet, but there was no way. \”Xi\’er, I\’ll give you a home you always want to go back to. If one day we achieve success in practice, I\’ll go back with you to see your hometown and the place you used to live. Don\’t worry, there will be such a day.\” Han Xing said to Jian Xi while talking to him. At the same time, he also said to himself in his heart, isn\’t home what he has been longing for and can\’t get? But there was no direction, but now it gives him infinite power. Chapter 559 Jinyuan star Dinner was cooked by Jian Xinyan, Ruo Nan, Yu Shanshan, Tong Tong and Zhao Xiaohan. Even if they can\’t do it, they have practiced almost all the time. At least, it\’s more than enough to start. When conditions permit, these people usually have only one dinner every day, which is usually completed by everyone together. There are many people, and the meal is lively. In addition, there is no top-notch pick-up in the team, so everyone gets along very happily. Today, no one asked where Jane Xi had gone. Everyone knew about the arrival of Han Xing and was willing to give them a space to get along well for a period of time. It was not until dinner that a note passing notice was issued. Jianxi and Qijie letter star also formally met with everyone. Nearly 30 people sat in front of a huge table provided by Jianxi. Everyone knew letter star, but letter star didn\’t know who the others were. So Jane Xi introduced them one by one. Of course, several elders have met before, so there is no need to introduce them separately. It was the first time that Qi Jiexing had dinner with so many people like this. It turned out that he and Jian Xi also passed by together, but it was shangguanpo and others, and there were only six or seven people. Now, the people in this large circle are Jianxi\’s relatives and friends. There are no rules of not speaking and sleeping at the dinner table. They joke and drink some spirit wine. The atmosphere is very warm. All this is very novel for qijiehan star. Jianxi, a group of people from other planets, naturally have no scruples about speaking. In addition, most of them are young people, Even Tong Tong four people, but also on the way completely and everyone into a piece, but also used to such a way to get along. So after this lively meal, Qi Jiehan star had a feeling that he still had something to say. He likes the atmosphere and the way he gets along. He likes such a large family. These are his women\’s relatives and friends. So he also has some good feelings for them. Does he love Wu and Wu? After dinner, Jane Nan called Han Xing away alone. Jane regretted that she had nothing to worry about. The one who knew her best was Jane Nan. Jane Nan knew almost all her secrets. Why almost? Because he didn\’t know the secret of her rebirth, besides. There\’s nothing he doesn\’t know. Jane Nan has unreserved family affection for Jane Xi. She understands it and feels it. Therefore, everything Jane Nan does must be for her good. As Jane Xi thought, Jian Nan called Han Xing into a room and waved to set a ban. Then he slowly communicated with Han Xing. He didn\’t mean anything else, but explained the matter of Moyun. Jane Nan has understood why Jane cherished her abnormal mood before, and knows that the person she really likes is Qi Jiehan star, so as not to have any misunderstanding. He still decided to tell him something about Moyun. These words can\’t be said by Jane Xi. The last time she fainted because she mentioned Moyun, afterwards Jane Nan also knew the reason and was very worried. In order to be afraid of another accident, let him say it this time.

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