Zhang Chaoyue listened to other people\’s compliments with a smile, and his heart was also floating.

Guo Dian is talking now. A series of things happened. When Feng Aijiao rushed towards the array, Jian Xi just received the last sum. All the depicted arrays are connected together, and the last point is connected. A circle of complex runes suddenly lit up around the whole yard. Even though it was not dark yet, the light still made everyone look here, but then the light disappeared. This happened when Guo Dian said \”the array has become\”. Then Feng Aijiao, who had no head to break into the past, bumped into the array that had been successfully opened. Without defense, she popped out a long way. Although she didn\’t cause harm to her, she was also disheartened. This is also Guo Dian\’s next sentence, \’Oh! Oh, my God! \” The exclamation words to express. With Guo Dian\’s series of exclamations, long linger opened her big eyes and covered her mouth with one hand. She looked at the scene in front of her face with some unbearable expression. Then she covered her mouth and pulled her shoulders. However, she just held back and didn\’t make a sound, but the curved eyebrows and eyes expressed her current mood. Jane Xi in the array, holding the array pen in her right hand, stared at the scene in front of her. She would never say how innocent her expression was. She found that Feng Aijiao was flying here from a distance. The speed under her hand was deliberately accelerated. Well, she wouldn\’t say it! Some disciples in the crowd couldn\’t help laughing in a low voice. Ruan Tiancheng was also a little stunned. He didn\’t expect such a coincidence, but he didn\’t have any idea of pity. Take out a blank jade talisman. Jian Xi makes a free access jade talisman and throws it to Ruan Tiancheng. Then he looks at Ruan Tianli\’s labor achievements with satisfaction and nods frequently: \”senior brother Ruan, you\’re getting better and better now.\” Jian Xi looks down at the pattern composed of stones under his feet and says with a smile. \”Where, practice makes perfect,\” Ruan Tiancheng said with a gentle smile. \”Elder martial brother Ruan, there are dragon Taoist friends outside. Don\’t you invite them in? Why don\’t we invite them to dinner?\” for the daughter of Xuantian sect leader and the women who make Jane Xi feel good, Jane Xi still wants to make friends with them. \”If it\’s convenient for you, I\’ll call them.\” Ruan Tiancheng didn\’t expect Jian Xi to be such a good man. Long linger has always been his good friend, which has nothing to do with gender. He has never thought about her between men and women. Because emperor Huangtian and xuantianzong are good friends, Ruan Tiancheng has a good relationship with long linger and Guo Dian on this platform, He didn\’t want to be out of tune with them, but he was afraid that Jane would be embarrassed if she didn\’t know them well. Now, hearing Jianxi\’s suggestion made him feel more relaxed and better about Jianxi. He didn\’t expect that Jian Xi was also selfish. Feng Aijiao, the emperor of heaven, hated her to the bone, so she was so selfish. But from her observation, she didn\’t see any feelings between men and women between Ruan Tiancheng and long linger. No one can hide the feelings between men and women perfectly. As long as there is that feeling, some will always show. She can feel these clearly, but between them, Jane Xi can\’t feel it at all, which shows that the relationship between them is really not what Feng Aijiao thinks. In other words, Feng Aijiao thought about the place by herself. She was so free that she ate flying vinegar. Besides, I\’m really not Ruan Tiancheng\’s person now. There\’s no need to make it difficult for Ruan Tiancheng to do it in front of his friends. By the way, I can make friends with long linger and others. I still want to enter xuantianzong in the future. Now it\’s necessary to have a good relationship. So when doing so, it\’s really not just from the perspective of Ruan Tiancheng. Ruan Tiancheng thinks too much, but Jian Xi doesn\’t know what Ruan Tiancheng thinks. \”If elder martial brother Ruan finds it difficult to do it, call Feng Aijiao, too. After all, you can\’t offend her now. Let\’s give in to the snake first! A man should be flexible and flexible. Tolerance is sometimes not a sign of incompetence. What we want is the result, not the process,\” Jian Xi said gently to the excellent man around him. These principles are very common on earth, and no one knows them on xuanqiu star, but no one can summarize them so incisively and resonate with people. Jian Xi\’s words are just talking about Ruan Tiancheng\’s heart. Ruan Tiancheng looked at Jian Xi deeply. He couldn\’t help blushing. He turned and walked to one side of the yard. He also said, \”please invite someone. I\’ll prepare cooking here.\”.

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