Li Chengyue put the firewood in the shed, turned and entered the house, and saw Li Siyu making milk powder there.

At the last critical moment, Jane Xi finally entered the situation of cherishing fate, and she was saved. Standing on the lawn in front of her house, Jane Xi jumped high in situ, while the God of war and Xiao in the distance also ran towards her quickly, and Jane Nan suddenly appeared in front of her. \”Grandpa, I finally saw you again.\” Jane Xi wept with joy. Seeing that Jane Nan was safe, she was finally relieved. Jane Nan was very important to her. Although she was loved by Jane Nan under the blood of Jane\’s family, that kind of care was real. Most of her fairy cultivation knowledge was given to her by Jane Nan. Without Jane Nan, Even if she could leave the earth and enter this strange place before Jane Xi, she would never be lucky in the sand wolves, because her only weapon and the array that helped her kill nearly half of the sand wolves were given or taught by Jane Nan. In other words, without Jane Nan, Jane Xi may not live to this day. God of war and Xiao lie on the bed and lie on the carpet, quietly waiting for Jane Xi to wake up. The whole Xiyuan realm suddenly calmed down. Only the God of war and Xiao raised their heads from time to time, looked at the master like an angel when they fell asleep on the bed, and then lay there again, squinting as if they had fallen asleep. Chapter 313 cherish the border \”Ah –\” Jane Xi closed her beautiful eyes, stretched lazily, and then shrank into the quilt like a cat. A few seconds later, she suddenly sat up and saw two black and white animals staring at her by the bed. She wanted to be close to her, but she was afraid to disturb her. She was very cute. It\’s said that the two big guys are cute and somewhat inappropriate, but that expression really makes people feel very cute. In fact, Jane Xi didn\’t see them for more than ten days, but the last time she saw them was on the earth. Now, they are in a world they don\’t understand at all. The fate of life is too unpredictable. Holding the big heads of the God of war and Xiao respectively, the eyes of the two animals revealed a strong attachment. Jane Xi raised them since childhood. They have been around Jane Xi since they have a memory. Jane Xi is no different from her mother in their minds. With a wave of Jian Xi\’s hand, a picture appeared out of thin air in front of them. This is the scene in the outer desert at this time. Since Jian Xi\’s advanced golden elixir period, you can observe the outside situation in the territory at will, because this situation has become a part of Jian Xi itself. Jane Xi frowned slightly, because there was still a heavy yellow sand all over the sky, \”why has it been so long that the dust storm hasn\’t passed yet?\” Jane Xi can\’t help but be afraid. Even if she had been able to escape the sandstorm for a while, it\’s impossible to ensure safety for such a long time. Now she can\’t help being afraid. Another wave, the image has disappeared. Jane Xi decadent fell on the bed and saw Jane Xi lying back. Xiao looked at the master and lying by her bed again. Her brain bag fell on her two front claws. The God of war still sat straight by the bed. His tall body, even sitting on the floor, was a large piece higher than the bed. Jane Xi gently stroked its shiny and smooth fur, but her eyes lost their focus. She didn\’t know what happened to her relatives? Xinyu, is he okay? Nothing should have happened? Where are they now? Jane Xi lay in the bed of Xiyuan, thinking about them. At the moment, the huge spaceship is flying quietly but quickly in the air. Although there are many passengers on board, it is very quiet. Almost everyone is practicing. The aura here is so strong that even if you don\’t practice, just breathe, the aura will swarm into your body. Of course, this is just a feeling for everyone. However, with such good cultivation conditions and understanding of their own low strength, everyone has a tacit understanding that they will no longer waste time. They all devoted themselves to cultivation. But there were several people on the ship who were really settled after several days. They were all Jane Xi\’s relatives and best friends. They were also difficult to calm down because of Jane Xi\’s disappearance. They are also secretly praying that Jane Xi will survive this time and pray that she will be lucky. When Jane Xi was thinking about them, they had just settled for about two or three days. They have no other way and choice. Only after they make themselves stronger can they find Jane Xi\’s whereabouts again. With their current cultivation, all of them together are not the opponent of one of the four. After a long time, Jane reluctantly suppressed her worry and miss. When she remembered that she had entered the land of cherishing fate only when she was in the face of a sandstorm yesterday, she fell asleep with all the dust and didn\’t change her clothes. She couldn\’t help looking at some sand on the bed. After a long sleep, he thought he couldn\’t go out at the moment, so he got up, took off his dirty sheets and quilt covers, took off his clothes and stuffed them into the washing machine. Solar power supply system, so that all household appliances in the home can be used normally. In fact, she can also use a body purification formula to solve this problem, but now she wants to find something to do for herself. She doesn\’t think about the things she can\’t do at present. Sometimes labor can divert people\’s mind.

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