There is a consignment store at the entrance of the village. Some people are talking outside.

Jane Xi has nothing to do with treasures. She has already got enough in Tiandi and Tiandi, but now she is facing to learn alchemy, so she will need a lot of medicinal materials to practice. Of course, she is also embarrassed to take too precious medicines. She can only take some real natural medicinal materials, medium-aged ones. Among the three treasures given to Jane XI by the master of yuan family, One is the best snow lotus, which is sealed in a very transparent and exquisite jade box. There is a faint layer of white fog outside the jade box, and the tentacles are cold. If you hold it for a long time, your hands have been frozen stiff and numb. Jian Xi recognizes that the material of the jade box is actually carved by a whole piece of cold jade. Not to mention the exquisite workmanship, it is the material itself, even if it has been kept by the yuan family for so many years, However, it still emits Yingying cold, and this snow lotus is well preserved at the same time. When Jane Xi opened the lid of the jade box, there was a \’eh\’, followed by another exclamation, but in her mind, \”mutated golden thread snow lotus?\” \”Grandpa, you know it. This is not an ordinary snow lotus?\” Jane Xi asked in her mind. Since Jane Nan entered the small world in the sea, he stayed there. Next to the small tree seedling, he felt that there was a trace of repair in his original spirit body. Although he didn\’t explore it carefully, he couldn\’t find it at all, but this feeling made Jane Nan ecstatic, because he knew that for more than a thousand years. Although his Yuanshen was protected by his own ring, he could not repair the damage he had suffered. At the same time, the power of Yuanshen was also consumed little by little. Up to now. His original God has been consumed, and there is nothing left. If this goes on, one day in the future. He will completely dissipate in the world, but he has no way at all. Until Jane Xi took him to her small world and saw the little tree with only two leaves, the sense of comfort from the depths of the yuan God had not been realized for many years, so he resolutely decided to move. However, in Jianxi\’s small world, because of Jianxi\’s own settings, he can go in and out freely. And feel what\’s happening outside. So his voice appeared in Jianxi\’s mind. Jianxi didn\’t feel strange at all. \”Yes! I didn\’t expect to see this precious medicinal material again in such a world.\” Jane Nan\’s voice revealed a trace of inconceivability. \”Grandpa, what\’s the difference between this and the common snow lotus?\” Jane Xi asked. \”The golden thread snow lotus itself is much more precious than the common snow lotus. Don\’t you see the golden thread running through the center of its lotus petal from the root to the tip of the lotus? It\’s not only a panacea. And do you see that the golden thread is not one, but three are side by side. Just because the middle interval is too small, ordinary people generally won\’t find it. The lotus with golden thread on its petals is the holy product of the miraculous medicine snow lotus. All snow lotus with golden thread, no matter for a few years, is a miraculous medicine. Normally, snow lotus under a thousand years is a common Chinese medicinal material, and those over a thousand years will have a certain spirituality. Of course, this spirituality will increase with the growth of years. It can be said that snow lotus is not necessarily a spirit Medicine, but the golden thread snow lotus must be a panacea. Of course, the longer the year, the more precious it is. Generally, the golden thread of the golden thread snow lotus grows with the year, and the thicker the golden thread. However, this kind of snow lotus with three golden threads belongs to a variant variety. This kind of Golden Lotus uses its beauty, but friars can\’t underestimate it during the period of robbery and Mahayana, and you see, Moreover, it is thanks to the jade box made of cold jade that the preservation is so intact. Also, if you look at the mutated golden thread snow lotus center, there are actually three lotus seeds. It\’s amazing. I don\’t know which one can still keep this kind of baby! \”Jane Nan kept explaining and sighing. \”The most important thing is that it is very rare. Even in my time, it is very precious. Unexpectedly, you girl can meet in such a world with lack of aura. I have to say that I have benefited a lot from this bad luck.\” Jane Nan seems to be in a good mood, and what he said has benefited a lot, It means that she can not only get out of the sunless sea, but also find treasures that can repair the yuan God. If Jane Xi\’s luck is not amazing, why is this? Moreover, in Jian Nan\’s view, the most adverse thing is that she has formed her own small world under various opportunistic coincidences, although it seems quite simple now, But even in the world more than a thousand years ago, it only existed in legend, and no one can verify its truth? Or fake? The conversation between the two people in their minds was slow. In fact, it was just Jane Xi\’s stunned Kung Fu. Jane Xi took the jade box in her hand, raised her head and said, \”master yuan, it\’s too expensive? Xi\’er can\’t afford it!\” \”How can you? You can\’t afford it, who can afford it? You\’ve been fighting off the battlefield from the battlefield this month, helping yuan yuan to decorate the mountain, training the scene of the magic brigade, which is not a credit for the shock, but the old man is afraid that nothing can be worth what you have done,\” Yuan Pengfei said with a face. He was a little ashamed. It was really difficult for him to repay others in material terms for what Jian Xi had done, but what he didn\’t know was that even the skills they practiced were derived from Jian Xi, but Jian Xi didn\’t let Xin Yu tell them. They just thought all this was what Xin Yu did. After all, the martial arts mental skills handed down by other people\’s family can\’t be watched by an \”outsider\” at will. She has violated other people\’s Taboos by taking other people\’s skills at will, so she would rather let them think that these are the credit of Xinyu. Of course, she also knows that this is why the yuan family pays more attention to Xinyu, a person with a different surname than yuan although he is related to the yuan family. Just like Jane Xi\’s position in Fang\’s house. After a fruitless push, Jian Xi also accepted it. To tell her the truth, Jian Xi also coveted this snow lotus, especially after Jian Nan introduced it. In addition, the gift given to Jian Xi is a milky white crystal clear jade bracelet. There is a trace of blood line in it. It seems that it is still winding and moving. It is very strange and should be very precious. But from Jane\’s point of view, it was just a decoration, and she took it down happily. The last treasure was a small box, sealed, dark and ordinary, and could not see anything, but yuan Pengfei said at this time: \”Xi\’er, to tell you the truth, none of our ancestors of the yuan family, including our generation, can open it without fear of water, fire and sword. In fact, we have used all the methods that can be used over the years, but we still can\’t. But because of this, our ancestors feel that the things in this box should be more precious Put it in the yuan family\’s warehouse and never see the sun. Today it will be estimated and given to Xi\’er. You are a person with great skills. You may have a way to solve this problem and let it see the sun again, so please don\’t refuse \”.

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