Mother, little sister. Li Sinong greeted the old lady sitting on the Kang smoking.

In the immemorial times, there have been many situations in which the game of heaven and earth cannot be entered, and these situations have undergone some subtle changes in the end, but it is difficult to affect the main game.The Emperor Emperor is already the main chess, no matter where these out-of-game pieces fall, they cannot affect the change of the main chess. Under the leadership of the Emperor Emperor, we monsters will surely become the overlords of this human world. The eyes of the demon king were hot.To dominate the human world is the long-cherished wish of demons since ancient times.The first demon emperor has been waiting for this day since the establishment of the ancient times, and finally won the position of the master chess. After the position is settled, it will hardly change. Once it becomes the main chess, the moment when the illusion of the world is over, the main chess has the opportunity to win the fairy machine and become the master of the human world.Outside the chess pieces, there is almost no chance to affect the overall situation, so these out-of-game moves are dead. The general trend is set, and when the emperor is born, we monsters can unite the human world. The monster king is in a great mood. Yes, he immediately waved his hand, \”Go, let\’s celebrate.\”When the other big monsters heard the words, their faces were immediately full of joy, and they followed the monster king towards the outside.WatchWhen the demon king and others left, Shanghai let out a deep breath and looked at the situation of heaven and earth. He didn\’t know much about the situation of heaven and earth, but listening to the words of the demon king, it was obvious that this time the situation of heaven and earth would be the first opportunity. Will become the possession of the first demon emperor Zhe Yu.Even if it is not, at least the first demon emperor Zhe Yu has a big chance to win the opportunity.How can I enter the game?Shanghai has never figured it out. Even the undead cannot enter the game. So what qualifications must it have to enter this world?The game of heaven and earth has been incomparably mysterious since ancient times, and no one has ever been able to participate in it. However, since ancient times, there have been many great sages who have speculated about some special methods of entering the game of heaven and earth, but the future of these methods of entering the game is to have enough influence. The ability of the entire human world.The first demon emperor Zhe Yu was able to enter the game and become the main chess, that is because he has been laid out for thousands of years, and has been hidden for tens of thousands of years. Now he has resurrected, and this time the resurrection, the first demon emperor Yu will be restored to at least the peak period. More than 50% of the power.You know, Longxie Supreme wanted to kill the first demon emperor Zhe Yu who was still in his belly, but it ended in failure.If the first demon emperor Zhe Yu recovers, who can be the enemy? Coupled with the army of monsters, it is bound to affect the entire human world.Obviously, entering the game not only has to have enough tyrannical strength, but also enough to affect this piece of heaven and earth, so as to become the main chess of the game of heaven and earth, and obtain the qualifications to explore the game of heaven and earth.Shaking his head slightly, Shanghai put away these thoughts. Now all he has to do is to save Sen Luo first, and make plans for the rest. If there is a chance, then kill the first demon emperor Zhe Yu, Longxie Supreme cannot deal with it, but Shanghai does not believe that the first demon emperor Zhe Yu has no weakness.Going further, although some big monsters were encountered on the way, after Shanghai took out the token, those big monsters didn\’t ask much.After all, this is the main lair of the demon, and the residence of the third demon emperor. Except for the old immortal and the supreme dragon evil, any strong person who enters this place should not want to leave alive. Therefore, those big monsters do not have the slightest doubt about the identity of Shanghai.Who are you?

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