I don\’t want to be here! Li Siyu couldn\’t stand the silent world. It was terrible.

If you dare to kill my subordinate, you will definitely die. Sen Luo\’s pupils were cold, and his huge claws pressed down from the high altitude cover.When Shanghai saw this, he couldn\’t help being stunned. He looked at Sen Luo again, his eyes were chilly, without the slightest familiarity. He immediately realized something. The Sen Luo in front of him was no longer the Sen Luo he knew, but he had his body. It’s just a big monster.Facing Gaelin’s claws, Shanghai burst into extreme violent power. At the same time, a black hole quickly formed in his palm. This is the method of imagining a black hole learned from the real person of Tiangang. It is known as the second. Mid-to-top technique.boom……The earth fell and the void burst into pieces.The black hole disappeared, Shanghai and Sen Luo both shook at the same time, and dense cracks appeared on their bodies. Just before the blow, the power of the two was in the middle, no one can do nothing. If you really compare it, Senluo\’s realm is one level higher than that of Shanghai, and Shanghai knows how to blur black holes, so it can compete with it.Ancient demon… you are actually an ancient demon.Seeing the black streamer flowing in Shanghai, Sen Luo\’s expression changed slightly, \”Since you are an ancient demon, then you can\’t live in this world.\” The ancient demon is a potential and terrible threat to the demon, the era of demon. The destruction of is related to the first generation of ancient demon Huntian emperor.Therefore, demons hate the ancient demons extremely, because the latter was born from demons, which in turn overwhelmed demons and even led to the destruction of the era of demons. Therefore, the hatred of demons against ancient demons is much greater than that of any creature.suddenly!The three pairs of golden fleshy wings behind Sun Luo stretched out, and then there was a dense pattern of demons circulating above them. The light from the sky and the earth gathered in the three pairs of golden fleshy wings, the void was shattered, and all the fragments were sucked into it one after another.A terrifying force of destruction emerged from Sen Luo.boom……An overwhelmingly gushing out, the earth shook.The bodies of the long-bearded gods and others shook slightly, and a mouthful of blood couldn\’t help but squirted out wildly, and the god kings were even more dangerous. The bodies had been split, and the demon slaves were not spared. Except for the high-level demon slaves, they can still stop it. In addition to Gai Lin\’s momentum, the rest of the monster slaves were injured one after another. The middle-rank monster slaves were better, and the lower-rank monster slaves almost lost the ability to fight again.At this time, Senluo’s hands were sealed, ten fingers were wide open, and the index finger and thumb ice dragon of both hands were aimed at Shanghai. The breath of Ogu poured into his two index fingers and thumb from between his hands, and gradually condensed into a kind enough to destroy The power of everything.Demon Skill-Nothingness…Shanghai\’s pupils shrank suddenly. He had seen this demon skill in the time and space shuttle. One of the demon emperors had used it once. The power was extremely terrifying. A single blow severely damaged a reincarnation of a god emperor who had recovered to 40% of his strength. If it were not for the latter to resist desperately in time, I am afraid it would have been wiped out long ago.Although Sen Luo is just a big monster, his power is absolutely terrifying.Glancing at the Lord Long Beard and the others behind him, Shanghai took a deep breath, and the celestial energy gathered from his body and poured into his mouth.

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