\”The Taoist friend on the second floor offered 6000 top-grade spirit stones. Does anyone continue to bid? Is there anyone?\” at this time, the whole auction house was silent and no one spoke again.

Among the crystals, Mu Ningxue was sitting cross-legged, with no clothes on her body, and a peculiar stream of light circulated around her, setting it off like the most beautiful elf in the world.Ningxue…Shanghai looked at Mu Ningxue in amazement. With his perception, he could naturally feel that Mu Ningxue was in a peculiar state of cultivation, not only these weird methods of cultivation, but he also felt the breath of Mu Ningxue. It became extremely horrible, and it had reached the level of the Eighth Blessed One.This is the only pure place between the heavens and the earth, and it is also the place where the Holy Spirit\’s power is sourced. I found this place by accident, and she was also the only Holy Spirit, so I brought her here. There is a pure place. Nourished by the power of her, she should be able to reach a higher level soon.Having said this, Zihu glanced at Shanghai with a hint of resentment in her beautiful eyes, \”This silly girl jumped into it desperately after learning that she could cultivate to a higher level as soon as possible. Fortunately, she could bear it. All kinds of pain, there is an obsession in my heart, otherwise she will definitely die.\”Hearing this, Shanghai took a deep breath and looked at Mu Ningxue inside. Although she looked calm, her brows frowned from time to time, and she was obviously suffering from some kind of pain, even though this was the source of the Holy Spirit’s power. Land, but Shanghai knows that to obtain these powers, you have to pay a price.It seemed easy for Mu Ningxue to reach this level in a short time, but the price it paid was unimaginable for ordinary people.Looking at the delicate figure, Shanghai\’s eyes were a little blurred. He didn\’t say anything, and he didn\’t need to say anything, because he knew why Mu Ningxue wanted to do this. In fact, if it was him, he would do it the same way, working hard. Improve yourself, it is possible to keep the people around you at the critical moment.How long will Ningxue wake up? Shanghai asked.As short as one year, as long as ten years. Zihu said.Um!Shanghai nodded slightly, took a deep look at Mu Ningxue inside, and then turned around and said: \”Let\’s go, let\’s go to the place of the god emperor\’s inheritance.\”Are you not going to wait for a while? Zihu teased.What\’s the use of waiting here, Ningxue has worked so hard, and how can I waste time? Shanghai said.Little man, you have changed a lot. Zihu said.It\’s not that people have changed, but the situation makes me have to change.call out……The void broke open.The two left here immediately.In the middle of the heavens of God’s Domain, Tahoe District, this was originally just a desolate desert with wind and sand everywhere. Few people would stay here for a long time because there were not many cultivation resources, but not long ago, hundreds of billions of miles appeared in the desert. Ancient city.

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