The whole round platform is shrouded by the array, and the aura looms from time to time.

You\’re polite, I should be offended first.But it\’s just a candidate for the king. Whether he can grow up in the future is still unknown. Wenzong doesn\’t need to worry about it. However, the impact of this matter is relatively large, so the elders had to do this. The god sighed, he didn\’t treat Shanghai. Any ill feelings, because he is from Elder Helian\’s side, naturally he supports Elder Helian\’s decision.Hearing these words, and seeing the polite appearance of the gods, the five people including Lingxuanjian were completely dumbfounded, and it was difficult to react for a while, especially the three men and one woman. The four of them were dull, even the gods. They released their imprisonment without fully recovering.Eighth brother…this… Lingxuanjian looked strange.Big brother don\’t need to worry, just acting a scene. Shanghai waved his hand.Big brother, where have you been these years? Why have you been unable to find you… Lingxuanjian became excited, and it was inevitable that his brothers would meet each other.It\’s a long story. I\’ll talk about these things later. Who are these four? Shanghai cast his eyes on three men and one woman. With their realm, it is natural to see that these four people are only at the level of the sixth world respect, and their strength can only be regarded as the upper-middle level. , Not up to the top.These four are the brothers and sisters I have made over the years. This is Liman, this is Houli, and this is Earth Flame and Meng. Ling Xuan Jian quickly introduced.Thank you four for saving my eldest brother in a critical moment. Since they are brothers and sisters of elder brother, they are my brothers and sisters in Shanghai. The four of them broke four artifacts just to save the eldest brother. I happen to have four artifacts here that I don’t use. , You can use it first.” While Shanghai was talking, he took out four artifacts.
Super First Grade Artifact…\”Not only the four of Houli, but even the four peak god kings on the side are slightly moved. You know that there are not many super first-grade artifacts. Even these four peak god kings only have one. Now Shanghai is actually a little bit Take out four pieces without blinking.Seeing the four super-first-class artifacts, the hearts of the four Houli tremble slightly. It is impossible to say that they are not tempted. Their strength is not bad, but the artifacts are a little worse. If there are super-first-class artifacts, Their combat power will certainly be improved a lot.The Lingxuan Sword was also a little surprised, but after thinking of the miracles that Shanghai had continuously created over the years, he was relieved. Even if this eighth brother took out a master emperor at once, he would not be too surprised, because Already used to it.The four looked at each other, but no one picked it up.This is the heart of the eighth brother, just accept it. Lingxuanjian said.this……Thank you very much, then.Thank you Wenzong.The four of them took it with their eyes full of excitement. Although Shanghai and Lingxuanjian are brothers, they know that Shanghai is an extraordinary identity, otherwise they would not be safe and sound after the Thousand Races Conference. Zundu has such a friendly attitude.Five, I\’m sorry, let you go far, if there are wild patterns to refine, you can come to me. Shanghai said to the five gods.Wenzong is too polite. The five people including the gods were overjoyed.

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