After the decision was made, Jane Xi said, \”Zhang Daoyou, now take me to the Danshi conference to sign up, and then I\’ll decide how long I\’ll stay. What do you think?\”

That worrisome color made the Ling Jiang Chen feel an inexplicable touch. This kind of touch hasn\’t appeared in many years. Only when he is with his family, lover, and children, will he have such an inexplicable touch. Tactile.Brother Hao… don\’t go… Mu Ningxue\’s tears couldn\’t help but flow down. She desperately shot and attacked the nine intermediate barren patterns. She felt that Shanghai was in extreme danger, maybe another moment. Will perish.Hao!Bi Yuelan was also anxious, and one after another she waved the seven-tone divine piano, hitting nine intermediate barren patterns. Although a part of it had been torn apart, there was still a part that had not been completely split.Brother Hao…Hao…Ling Jiangchen couldn\’t help shaking his whole body, and then looking at Shanghai\’s face, he was somewhat similar to him, could he be… Haoer…I saw the power of the Scarlet Moon League master swept toward Shanghai, and the spirit of the minister\’s mammoth figure moved, as if thousands of stars moved in unison, he had already appeared in front of Shanghai. Suddenly it was blasted away, and the heart that mentioned the throat suddenly sank, but when it sank halfway, the Ling Jiangchen suddenly remembered something, his face suddenly changed.Not good! Hao\’er, quickly retreat behind you. Ling Jiangchen roared loudly.Although the power of the leader of Scarlet Moon was dispersed, the two of them were at the level of the quasi-divine emperor. For them, these dissipated powers would not be able to hurt them at all, but aimed atFor the strong below the god emperor, it is absolutely deadly, and Shanghai is still the closest to the dissipated power.Father……Shanghai smiled sadly, because his body had been swept away by the scattered power. Even with the ancient demonic body, it was difficult to resist this scattered power. The body was completely invaded by the power instantly, and he felt his life fading. .Seeing this scene, Ling Jiangchen\’s body became stiff, and the huge body trembled violently.No… Bi Yuelan\’s second daughter desperately shouted.The emperor Sheng Tianzhi and the others stopped and watched this scene in amazement. They didn\’t expect Shanghai to be so desperate, but unfortunately they failed. Now they went back, just looking for death, so they immediately gave up their plan and quickly swept back. go.Sudden!A huge black shadow emerged, and it was the leader of the Scarlet Moon, who grabbed Shanghai, and the huge palm confined it inside. All the intrusive force was sucked back into the palm of the hand, and Shanghai, which was about to be completely shattered. The special power of the ancient demon\’s bloodline turned out, flowing around his body, and his broken body quickly recovered.Although he survived, Shanghai felt bad because the leader of Scarlet Moon would not let himself survive so easily.Is this your son? The Red Moon League leader cast his playful gaze on the Ling general minister.

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