While Jane Xi clapped the palm, she had heard what the golden elixir monk said. The apprentice was the young city master of Qingcheng. No matter how stupid she was, she knew she couldn\’t do well today, but she didn\’t want to wait to die and planned to rush out of the shop.

Senior, please take a look. Shanghai took out the elder\’s order.Um!The old man glanced indifferently, ignored it, and waved his hand. The originally closed bronze door opened slowly. After a while, the unimaginable power of reincarnation surged out, and what shocked Shanghai was that, The power of this reincarnation artistic conception is extremely pure and has reached the level of almost liquefaction.Just opened a gap in the door, and there is such an amazing power of reincarnation surging out, if you are inside…Even if it is the strength of the reincarnation mood in the abyss of reincarnation, it is only equivalent to the overflowing power of the reincarnation mood. Obviously, this place is absolutely above the abyss of reincarnation.What are you still waiting for? Go in. You only have three months. You must leave this place after three months. If you don\’t be conceited, the old man said in a deep voice.Thank you, senior. Shanghai put away the token, and moved straight into the realm of intention. Just as he stepped in, he realized that he had thought about this place too simply before, under the distorted void. There are all kinds of strong powers of reincarnation.What surprised Shanghai even more is that among these powers of reincarnation, a trace of origin has been condensed. Although not much, it is also extremely amazing. The trace of origin of reincarnation, like a hair, exudes astonishing reincarnation. The power of artistic conception.At the beginning, in the abyss of reincarnation, under that environment, Shanghai could not meet a trace of the origin, but only when stepping into this place, there are so many origins. The comparison between the two is simply the difference between the sky and the earth. .No wonder Senior Liao would say that these two special places must be obtained… Shanghai Xin said. Those origins are things that cannot be collected, and they can only be sucked into the body unless they can be understood and absorbed. However, the various reincarnation powers overflowing from these origins are pure to the extreme, even if they just stand in place, let these reincarnation moods When the power passes through the body, one can feel that one\’s own reincarnation mood is increasing.correct!brat……Shanghai suddenly remembered the little beast, and he entered here anyway, and the little beastThe beast also knows the magical skill of reincarnation, so it\’s better to let it out.Immediately!The Tiangang ring opened, and an animal storage bag emerged. Shanghai opened the pocket. Unexpectedly, the little beast did not slip out. His brows couldn\’t help but his brows wrinkled. When he saw the situation inside, he couldn’t help. \’S completely speechless.All the divine fruits stored in it were completely eaten by the little beasts. That’s all. After eating a lot of divine fruits, this little guy has more than doubled his body shape. His face was full of pain.Obviously, the little beast ate too much…You guy…Seeing the pitiful look of the little beast, Shanghai suddenly couldn\’t laugh or cry. When he was about to pull it out, he threw it directly to the ground. Before he could teach him a few words, the little beast got up, and his round head scanned the surroundings. His eyes kept shining, and he immediately stepped up his short legs and rushed towards the inside. Although his body was round and round, its speed was not slow at all.

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