The other seven monks who succeeded in the assessment led to the alchemist\’s robes and badges of the first-class alchemist, and their names were recorded in the alchemist\’s records and reported to the headquarters of the alchemist\’s guild. While enjoying the convenience of the alchemist\’s guild, they also had to hand in a certain amount and quality of pills to the alchemist\’s Guild every year.

A Canggu voice, as if traveling through countless time and space, contains endless ancient meanings, and the place where the sound originates is the ancient blue green palace pulled by the Asura Dragon. I saw a dark shadow floating in the air, this person The whole body is like a black mist, it is difficult to distinguish his face.However, the god king of the Hu clan who originally sat on the Shura dragon had already knelt down, and the bronze giant axe in his hand was raised high. This is the strongest man of the ancient Hu clan, and the greatest etiquette for those who are convinced.The appearance of this person shocked everyone in the Four Great Palaces, and even the emperor Sheng Tianzhi couldn\’t help but frown.Unexpectedly, there was also a deity who followed the Primordial Revival. No wonder he dared to step out so grandiosely.Since this fellow Taoist wants to join together, then I am waiting for exactly four people, but there is a lot of opportunity to open the inner layer of the land of inheritance.The Venerable Wuyu smiled indifferently, and the other two deities didn\’t say anything, their expressions remained the same, and they obviously had already noticed the deity on the side of the Primordial Revival.I wonder if I have a chance to share it?An arrogant voice came from the void, as if endless sound waves exploded. The sky at the top vibrated suddenly, and then countless rhythms were derived, and the void was completely shattered. Under the flow of many rhythms, All the powerhouses located at the bronze gate of the land of inheritance felt the sea of ​​consciousness shaking for a while, and their souls were ready to emerge at any time.Feeling this terrifying rhythm, the four people including Wuyu Godzun all changed their expressions.Wow!The void was shattered, and the five figures came out, and the leader limped forward, but the wild long hair had become extremely supple, and even the old face had restored some youthfulness. , And what makes people feel weird is that this person gives people two extremely contradictory feelings, seeming arrogant, but extremely cold and elegant. These two different auras are combined in one person, and there is surprisingly no contradiction. On the contrary, they are completely harmonious together.The person who came is no one else, but the Six Profound God Venerable!Followed by Liao Baishu and Heipao old woman, there are also Shanghai and Bi Yuelan, a total of five people.The face of the godless gods twitched inadvertently, and there was a trace of jealousy in his eyes, but this jealousy quickly disappeared. As for the other two gods, their expressions did not change much, but if the sensitive ones watched it specially , You will find that the two people\’s eyes contain weirdness and complexity, as well as deep jealousy.Others don’t know the horror of the Six Profound Gods, but these three people are very clear. When they were born in the middle of the gods in the past years, they used the three sounds of purgatory to break the ten thousand laws, and no one can beat them all the way to the level of the gods. , So that the rest of the gods are quite jealous.The Six Profound God Venerables who practice the law of music are far more powerful than the rest of the gods, and no one is even willing to fight with them. And the great battle fifty years ago revealed the horror of the Six Profound God Venerables. One person fights two. The gods of the four great imperial palaces were finally seriously injured, killing the two gods and fleeing in embarrassment.Chapter 1391Even the two gods were severely injured in the end, and they were almost killed. It can be seen that the Six Profound Gods are terrible. Fortunately, the Six Profound Gods were almost shattered because of the excessive urging of themselves, and finally had to disappear. .Five years ago, the Six Profound Gods appeared, and they were teamed up by many mysterious Peak God Kings, and some even used the Primordial Emperor Artifact. The Wuyu Gods and others had already known about it and saw from the news that the Six Profound Gods Zun\’s injury is much heavier than imagined, otherwise, facing this group of people, he wouldn\’t be so embarrassed.The reason why the opponent was repelled was probably a secret method of self-injury. Therefore, the Six Profound Divine Venerable is no longer afraid of it, but now, upon seeing it, the Six Profound Divine Venerable’s injuries seem to have recovered. Even his demeanor is almost the same as in previous years.

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