\”Who is it? Sister, he\’s here now. I\’ll get him.\” Xiao Siyu was about to go down the river. As a result, Jian Xi dragged him back.

This thing seemed to be perceptive, and when he saw Shanghai\’s eyes cast, he immediately moved and flew away towards the distance.Want to go…With a move of Shanghai Spiritual Mind, the cup was instantly locked.The latter was invaded by divine consciousness and fiercely resisted. The many spiritual knowledge remaining inside gathered together to fight back. Among these spiritual knowledge, there are many leftovers from gods, and the amount of spiritual knowledge contained has reached an extremely alarming level. Under thinking, these spiritual senses only made a little resistance, and they were completely transformed into nothingness.Even the spiritual sense of the god general could not block the spiritual sense, let alone these messy spiritual senses. After the spiritual sense of Shanghai wiped out the controlling spiritual sense inside, the cup did not escape anymore, but hung in the air. A trace of divine thought separated and fell into the cup.boom……The law of the City of All Things fell on Qiu Xin, who was still struggling, was immediately burned to coke by the law, and after falling on the ground, he did not know his life or death.Two seniors, after watching for so long, it\’s time to come out? Shanghai said in a deep voice.interesting.Little baby, your perception is good, you know I\’m waiting here. With two voices of cold and warm, two old men slowly emerged, one in a star-spotted robe The fat old man, and the other is the old man with a deep back and wearing dark clothes. Standing together, a set of clothes has a strange appearance that turns into stars in the sky.Nine-star Tianluo, these two old monsters… Upon seeing Ji Mie, his handsome expression suddenly changed.How could it be them? Mu Xin couldn\’t help taking a breath, her pretty face changed slightly.Jiuxing Tianluo!They are the names of two high-level gods, one is called Jiuxing, and the other is Tianluo. These two are also quite famous in Nanlingtian, mainly because the two of them work together to be comparable to the top Gods, so the two of them are not small.Jiuxing Tianluo has no sect or faction, and the behavior of these two people is also unrestrained, a bit evil, sometimes extremely cruel, and sometimes like a saint. It is difficult to determine their temperament at all, but it is certain that they must not be arbitrary. Provoked these two people.Unexpectedly, Jiuxing Tianluo appeared…Ji Mie\’s cheek twitched.Looking at the two elders in front of them, the expression of Shanghai remained the same, and at the same time, they glanced at the third-grade artifact cup that was suspended in the height. Not only he was watching, but the eyes of the two elders also glanced at the cup, intentionally or unintentionally. .Soon!Jiuxing started, and saw that he lifted it easily. The special rune cultures were brilliance, shrouded around the cup. Obviously, he was planning to refine the cup on the spot. After all, this is a third-class artifact. Once the general artifact reaches the third rank, it will transform into the power of the artifact.

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