But at the beginning, her soft eyes became serious because of Hua linger\’s words. He was sure he heard right. What was Jane Xi? Alchemist? At the same time. The smiles of the elders also quickly disappeared with Hua linger\’s words, including Huadong Sheng and Huadong Qi.

Two figures appeared outside the elder\’s hall one after another.Finally here! Situ Ding sneered with a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and all his eyes focused on the two people outside the hall at that moment.The leader is the old immortal, and Shanghai is closely behind.I\’m sorry, I\’m late, Elder Akabane, Elder Starsoul, both of you are here… Old Undead looked surprised.I heard that you have a three-year agreement with Elder Situ. Our two old bones have nothing to do with each other, so we came to have a look. I hope it won\’t affect you. Elder Star Soul smiled.This is Elder Yao\’s lover, right? Chiyu cast his eyes on Shanghai.As his gaze fell, Shanghai suddenly felt a feeling of standing naked in front of the Elder Starsoul. With a move of his mind, his spiritual thoughts enveloped his body, and that feeling disappeared.Divine Mind…Elder Star Soul’s eyes revealed a look of surprise, and even Akabane was quite surprised. Both of them were kings, and their strength was not under Situ Ding. Naturally, they knew what this meant. The divine mind of the god king, if he grows into a god king in the future, no one at the same level will dare to contend with the divine mind.Of course, the two elders must be able to grow up. The two elders are both figures who have lived for hundreds of thousands of years. Naturally, they know that even if their talents are superb and unable to grow up, everything is empty talk.Elder Yao, can you start? Situ Ding said loudly.Of course it can start.Old Undead glanced at Shanghai, nodded slightly, and immediately transmitted the sound to Shanghai: \”Boy, you are ready, if you can win, you will win, if you can\’t, you can give up, don\’t hold on, the big deal is that I will take you away from the Temple of Heaven, or you will fall. In the hands of this old fellow Situ Ding, you are in trouble.\”Yeah! Shanghai nodded.Just don\’t embarrass me too much. The old man patted Shanghai on the shoulder.At this time!With a wave of Situ Ding\’s right hand, he saw the condensed light of the god king\’s power shuttle into the main hall, and then an enchantment emerged, protecting the inner wall of the elder palace. As for the strong people present, there was no one. Shrouded by enchantment, because it is unnecessary.I am looking for you today because I have made a three-year agreement with Elder Yao. This son is going to challenge our Elder Palace today. As long as the king is below the realm of the gods, anyone who holds any position can make a move. Situ Ding said loudly. .What?The strong people present at the Presbyterian Palace were all surprised.

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