Jane Xi would cook two meals in the morning and evening every day. They were spiritual meals. Although they were not very helpful to everyone\’s cultivation, they could keep everyone\’s appetite. This was originally intended by Jane Xi for Xiao Siyu, but unexpectedly, it became the welfare of the whole ship.

The Cthulhu General has pulled up the seven evil spirits, and rose through the air.Before leaving, the Seven Evil stared at Shanghai with a bitter bit of bitterness, \”You are dead, and when this young master returns to the Evil King\’s Shrine, he will bring a large number of powerful people to step down here, and capture all of you. , Let you taste the taste of life and death.\”Hearing that, Shanghai squinted his eyes and didn’t say anything, because at this moment his divine consciousness sensed something interesting in the evil thoughts, and he immediately penetrated in again. The more he watched, the more interesting he watched. Something that ordinary people cannot see.It turns out… the ancient method of the battle puppet is incomplete… No wonder it is so dull. If it is a complete ancient method, the battle puppet will have the lowest 30% of the combat power in the heyday, the highest 80% of the combat power, and even You can use magical skills… Shanghai took a deep breath, and when he was about to withdraw his spiritual thoughts, he couldn\’t help but let out a horror.I saw it!That ray of evil thoughts moved along with divine thoughts.Shanghai urged a few divine thoughts, and the evil thoughts continued to follow. When it was about to cover the divine thoughts, I carefully observed it.It was assimilated by the divine mind… Shanghai looked at the evil thoughts in amazement. Yes, this evil thought has been assimilated and not absorbed by the divine mind, but it can be manipulated by the divine mind. It\’s really shocking.This wicked thought came from the evil god general. It was obviously the consciousness of the war puppet itself. Divine thought could assimilate this wicked thought. I wonder if it could assimilate all evil thoughts? Shanghai\’s heart moved and thought.Divine Sense is only possessed by Divine Kings. I have never contacted Divine Kings. I don’t know how magical Divine Senses can be, but only Divine Kings can possess them. This Divine Sense must have great benefits. Shanghai has already experienced it. Now It can also assimilate evil thoughts. Although it is a little unbelievable, it can also be within the range of endurance.Cthulhu generals are only at the level of god generals. Even if the evil intentions are strong, they cannot be compared with divine thoughts. The levels of the two are completely different from each other. Although the amount of divine thoughts is much smaller, if you slowly grow them a little bit It absorbs it.The Evil King Divine Palace will certainly not give up easily. This is the power of the middle layer of the Gods Realm. It is not clear how strong it is for the time being, but looking at the appearance of the guy named Qixie, he will not release Mu Xuezong at all. In the bottom of my eyes, this is enough to show that the strength of the Evil King Divine Palace is far from what Mu Xuezong can compare…Shanghai thought from the bottom of his heart: \”This time the Evil King Shrine will come back with a feather, it will definitely not be so easy to give up. It is bound to return again. By then, it may be more than an Evil God general, maybe there will be more terrifying old monsters… \”Shanghai has already seen the style of the Evil King Divine Palace, and it is definitely the one who will pay for it. After suffering such a big loss this time, the other party will never let it go, and will retaliate against him and everyone in Mu Xuezong.It\’s already offended anyway, and it doesn\’t hurt to offend a bit more. Shanghai moved and disappeared in place.As for Mu Xuezong, the crisis has passed.As the Cthulhu will take the Seven Evils away, the strong outsiders have quickly retreated, and Mu Xuezong and Sect Master Mu Wanran preside over the overall situation, so Shanghai is not worried for the time being. Divine Sense spreads out quickly, and it is reached in an instant. Thousands of miles away.Found… The spirit of Shanghai instantly locked onto the Evil God General and the Seven Evils, who had already looted six million miles away, and immediately covered the strand of evil thoughts with a ray of mind, and quickly covered it. Cthulhu moved the wound on his right arm.call out……Because they were of the same origin, that strand of evil thoughts was immediately sucked in, and at the same time, divine thoughts also permeated in.

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