Holding Yu Han\’s jade slips in her hand, Jian Xi thought of the young man with cute big eyes in the snake cave. She couldn\’t help sighing, \”what a pity. I don\’t know if her sister can accept the fact that her brother is no longer in charge.\”.

what……Yiman\’s face changed completely. He never expected that Shanghai\’s strength was so terrible. With the remaining power from his body, he could kill so many alien cultivations. Obviously, he had despised Shanghai too much before. Treat him as a normal saint.boom……Yiman couldn\’t hold it anymore. It was treated as a burst. More than three hundred assisted strangers were involved in the burst of power. The weaker fell on the spot. The strongest did not die, but It\’s not far from death.puff……Yiman\’s broken body quickly condensed in the distance. Although he recovered again, his injuries were extremely serious, and most of his combat power had been lost.call out……Shanghai is like a stream of light, killing over.Seeing Shanghai chasing after him, Yiman\’s face paled in fright. At this moment, the alien practitioners all around took action, and the tyrannical force blasted on Shanghai, one after another, bursting out continuously, shaking the area of ​​millions of miles. It\’s amazing.With so many powers of attack, even if it is the Supreme Lord, you will be seriously injured if you are not dead. You can watch the blood-stained Shanghai rush out from it, shoot it with a palm, and suddenly a strange cultivation is swept out and kicked out. , Thousands of magical skills were contained in it, and directly killed more than a dozen different cultivators.Shanghai directly killed the alien cultivation that rushed up. As for the injuries on his body, he ignored it. With his own tyrannical physique, it was enough to resist.Seeing Shanghai getting closer and closer, Yiman was so frightened that Liuhunwuzhu quickly roared: \”Second…Brother, save me…\” This sentence was a lot smoother than before.Bad boy who lives and lives.A low roar came, and I saw countless black shadows coming together. There were hundreds of black shadows, each of which contained the terrifying power of the Supreme Lord. Following these black shadows, they moved and besieged and killed. Xiu were shaken away one after another.The Supreme Lord is one level higher than the Holy Lord, but his own power is dozens of times stronger. Yi Sha did not do anything before because of the presence of so many cultivators, and the fact that Shanghai was invaded by the Dragon of Knowledge. The capture is easy, but who knows that Shanghai\’s strength is so strong.Chapter 1157Hundreds of black shadows contain the power of the Supreme Lord. Although the latter comes first, Yisha believes that Shanghai will definitely stop. If he does not stop, Yiman will die, and Shanghai will be attacked by his attack. In the middle, surely it is bound to die.No one will bury themselves in order to kill others.As the two got closer, Yisha\’s expression changed, because Shanghai simply ignored him. Isn\’t this kid afraid of death? Or is it to rely on? The power of attack was already close at hand, and he couldn\’t take care of that much anymore, and hundreds of shadows grabbed it all at once.When I caught Shanghai,

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