Shopkeeper LV regretfully stood at the door of the store and looked at the back of the two people who had left. He didn\’t move for a long time. He didn\’t turn back until another guest came in and felt he was in the way.

Even if your physique is tyrannical, you are still going to die.Wu Peck sneered and said: \”Run? You can\’t run away. The power of the Nine Curses Soul Extinguisher includes the ten thousand li area. Unless you can move beyond ten thousand li at once, you will definitely die. Don\’t do unnecessary struggles, beloved. Take it to death.\”After gritting his teeth, Shanghai opened the Tiangang Ring.Ow…The screaming roar came and impacted, like a thousand thunders rushing across the void. Under the impact of this huge roar, Shanghai\’s chest was completely sunken like a meteor. Got to fly out.Wu Peck was performing a magical skill, but before he could react, he was immediately shaken by the roar and his hands were cracked.what……A ray of blood spilled from the corner of Wu\’s mouth, his magical skills were broken, he suffered a backlash, and his body suddenly became disordered.Chance……Shanghai, who was enduring the injury, couldn\’t pay attention to the roar, and immediately waved his hand to throw the evil spirit spear out, which contained powerful physical out……The evil spirit spear penetrated Wupei’s left chest and shot out from behind him, bringing out a large amount of sprayed blood. With this blow, Wupei, who was already injured, was immediately seriously injured, his eyes full of Astonished, I didn\’t expect that this time I came to kill Shanghai, and I would unexpectedly suffer heavy losses.Ow…Roaring like thunder, a huge figure emerged. This thing is as high as ten feet. Its head and body are golden yellow. The whole body is covered with white bone spurs. A pair of red eyes is staring at it. Wu Pei and Shanghai, who were seriously injured.Seeing this, whether it was Shanghai or Wu Peck, his face changed instantly.Two-headed evil beast…Shanghai took a breath of air-conditioning. It was really the enemy of Luzhao. He actually encountered the two-headed evil beast here. I don’t know whether to say that he was lucky or unlucky. Fortunately, this big guy’s roar just saved him. The thing is, the two have great enmity.Because the two-headed evil beast is staring at itself, with scorching anger burning in its pupils. It has clearly recognized Shanghai. This guy who took away the fruit of reincarnation it has worked so hard to cultivate in the past, yes, it is. This……The double-headed evil beast spouted two clusters of smoke from its nostrils, and its copper bell-sized eyes turned redder, staring at Shanghai steadily.

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