Live here all by yourself? In any case, Ming Yuyan is always a woman, even if she is stunning, as long as she is a woman, there are weaknesses. She is also afraid of loneliness, especially the loneliness of being alone all her life, so she has already subconsciously given up the intention of revenge for the time being.

The gap between the two was too great, the rainbow light was wiped out in an instant, and the big black hand showed no sign of being suppressed from beginning to end.puff……A mouthful of blood spurted out, Shanghai was injured, and the shock force of the first blow was too strong. If it hadn\’t been for the physical strength and the Ancient Demon\’s Eucharist was still there, it would have been crushed long are still alive……The gods were immediately moved. The strength of the counter-shock was enough to kill Shanghai, but he didn\’t expect that this kid was only injured. Looking at Shanghai\’s body, although it is not very strong, there are flesh and bones in it. With terrifying physical strength.Such a physique, even the gods could not help being shocked when they saw it.How did you cultivate? Why did your physique reach this level… the god asked in a deep voice, but the big black hand that was pressed down did not stop at all.Shanghai did not answer and continued to urge momentum.You still have to resist… The god was surprised, \”You are so clumsy, kill my beloved son, and disrespect me. You are still her illegitimate child. Living in this world will only increase our true gods. A joke, so you die.\”Shame on the True Nether God Clan? I have never been a descendant of your True Nether God Clan. Even if I have your blood, it is not something I can choose. I don\’t bother to be a descendant of your True Nether God Clan. Shanghai sneered. road.Bold! Defamation of the True Underworld Protoss is inevitable for death and sin. The god shouted angrily.If you want to kill, kill, why so much nonsense, today\’s enemy, if I don\’t die, I will come back to seek justice in the future. Shanghai said in a deep voice.You have no chance.The big black hands of the gods suppressed it, and Shanghai’s physique began to shatter. Although he had already delivered the strongest blow, in the end it had no effect. The difference in realm was too great, but he did not give up until the last moment. He is still shooting.A strong meaning of death came to the nose. Under this absolute pressure, Shanghai\’s heart and body have been in harmony. The inexplicable self-image has been urged to the extreme, and the unknown magic skills are also at that moment, once again. Sublimated.The nine magic skills, all turned into nutrients, fell into the nameless magic skills.Seven products…Suddenly, the Wuming Divine Skill was upgraded from the eighth rank to the seventh rank.kill!The evil spirit spear pierced out, the strong man in the blood sea, and the body of the Supreme Lord at the bottom exploded, turning into the purest power. Perhaps this was the last blow in Shanghai’s life, and it was also his strongest one. Strike, spurred by the ancient demon sacred body, it turned out a shocking edge.

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