I have reached the top, Starling has reached the top.we won.Haha… we really won.Myna, myna…Everyone in the Lingshen line was full of excitement and excitement, the three elders trembled all over, and Ling Zhantian also rarely showed a smile.Because Shanghai has reached the top and entered the second round, and more than that, the five young children of the Jinshen clan were abolished by him alone. For the spirits and spirits, this is simply a joyous event for the whole world. Those The young boy who was crushed by the golden gods when he went out in the past years gave a big sigh of relief.The third brother has also reached the top…Two climbs to the top…As Lingxuanhao reached the top at the last juncture, Lingshen\’s line once again set off a frenzy of cheers. The patriarchs of the other branches of the Protoss brought people to congratulate them. Ling Zhantian and others were full of joy and joy.At this moment, the Jinshen clan, their faces turned black, and Jinyouqian was holding his chest, looking like he couldn\’t get out of breath.Lingshen line, do you think you won? After the third round, you will realize what despair is… We also have a demon in the Golden God line, which is enough to kill your three descendants, especially the one in Shanghai. Boy, I want him to die. Jinyouqian had a grim face, and immediately waved, \”Let\’s go.\”Patriarch Jin, I left so soon? Did Patriarch Jin forget our previous gambling appointment? Shanghai and Ling Xuanhao were coming back, and when they saw Jin Youqian about to take people away, they couldn\’t help but speak. Said.Hearing these words, Jin Youqian\’s cheek twitched a few times, and his eyes flashed with extreme killing intent when he looked at Shanghai.call out……Ling Zhantian appeared in front of the Shanghai two, staring directly at Jinyouqian.Patriarch Jin, Hao\’er is right. Should the previous gambling agreement be fulfilled? Ling Zhantian said in a deep voice, \”Could it be that what Patriarch Jin said before is not worth it?\”Ling Patriarch, this is just an angry gambling agreement between the juniors, why bother you. You three, you still haven\’t fulfilled the gambling agreement. Jinyouqian glared at the three.Yes……The three disciples walked up with blushing faces, knelt down under the eyes of the crowd with unwilling eyes, and quickly slammed their heads. After doing all this, they quickly got into the crowd and disappeared.Jin Youqian snorted coldly and left with the rest of them. Before leaving, he took a deep look at Shanghai.

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